Pokimane Quickly Removes All VODs After Wardrobe Malfunction During Twitch Stream

Twitch star Pokimane suffered a wardrobe malfunction during her stream on November 15, accidentally exposing herself during the broadcast.

Pokimane is one of the biggest streamers on Twitch. She is well known for calling people out on their bullsh*t, especially when it comes to sexualizing women. In line with that, she never gave much of an opening for people to objectify her... until recently, that is.

During her Overwatch 2 stream on November 15, Pokimane accidentally popped out a boob on stream. The 26-year-old went AFK for a bit and when she returned, she had one breast exposed.

Guess this might make it into the scandal list for November:

Kinda weird how she just left it hanging there while returning to the stream, but okay. I mean, what was she even doing before that happened? Nevermind, focus!

After realizing this, she quickly covered herself and switched outfits. She even continued her broadcast, which is kinda badass if you ask me. Guess you gotta keep that grind going.

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She quickly deleted the VOD as well as all clips of the incident, but some horny a** users were quicker, uploading a clip to Reddit. Guess you can't beat the coomers. I mean, at this point, she could just make an OnlyFans and be set for life.

These streamers already made an OnlyFans:

People React To Pokimane Exposing Boob During Livestream

Even under the Reddit post containing the video, though, users were voicing their sympathy for the Moroccan-Canadian streamer. Pokimane is a big voice against sexism on Twitch and a great idol for female content creators on every platform, so this just feels wrong.

One user on Reddit even commented that "seeing this clipped feels illegal" and I get that.

Pokimane is judging you for instantly googling for clips | © Pokimane via Twitch

Let's just hope this sh*t doesn't spread too far and that it won't take its toll on the mental health of Pokimane

The streamer has yet to address the situation, but seeing the reaction she initially had to her boob fully displayed on stream, I'm sure she will handle it well. Yes... I've seen the clip.

She will probably still get banned, though. The only question is, how long? Thinking about the double standards and favoritism Twitch sometimes shows, we can't say for sure.

If she had sex on stream, though, we know it would only be a 7-day ban.