PewDiePie Hates League Of Legends Because Of This Simple Reason

During his appearance on the Trash Taste podcast, PewDiePie voiced his opinion on League of Legends, and he hates it.

This was quite the heated debate | © PewDiePie at the Trash Taste Podcast

On November 5, popular YouTuber Felix Kjellberg aka PewDiePie made his appearance on the popular Trash Taste podcast, discussing his obsession with Japan, Food preferences, Anime and... his hate for League of Legends?

He can't hate Arcane, though, right?

PewDiePie is a well known gamer, becoming famous through his Amnesia let's plays, and anime connoisseur that was able to climb to the top of YouTube with more than 111 million Followers.

Hey, that's just as many as MrBeast has. Jimmy has the more epic moments, though:

Nowadays, he is enjoying his best life with his wife in Japan, still producing content but seemingly less pressured to stay on the top.

I guess, when you have a net worth as big as him, you can relax a little.

PewDiePie Claims DOTA Is Better Than League of Legends

During his appearance on the Trash Taste podcast, he clarified his position regarding the DOTA vs. League of Legends debate.

During the podcast, PewDiePie explains how League of Legends owes everything to DOTA and how it wouldn't exist without its critically acclaimed but kinda less popular predecessor.

This might in fact be due to him growing up in Sweden, though, as he explains:

in Sweden, we would go to net cafés and we would just play that, yelling at each other.

So DOTA was bigger than League in Sweden... I guess. He's not the first Swede to publicly declare his love for the game, the other one being DJ Jonas Basshunter with his popular and accurately named song "DOTA".

Maybe Felix should read up on the lore a little more with this novel to get hooked?

Great, now I'm gonna have that song stuck in my head for the rest of the day...

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