League of Legends Worlds Finals Breaks Viewership Records

The LoL Worlds Finals set a new record for League of Legends esports. How many concurrent viewers did the final manage to rake in?

DRX World Champions
This final will go down in the history books. | © Riot Games

Deft vs. Faker. Pyosik vs. Keria. This League of Legends Worlds Finals had more story lines than any before and the match lived up to expectations going to silver scrapes and making it to five games. Not only was it unforgettable in terms of stories, but it's also one of the most viewed events ever.

Esports Charts counted the numbers and has revealed that this League of Legends finals was one of the most viewed esports events ever and has topped the viewership for League of Legends esports by far.

LoL Worlds Finals: More Viewers Than Ever Before

According to esports charts, these finals had more concurrent viewers than ever before and is the second most viewed event of all time, falling just short of the first spot which is still being held by the Free Fire World Series event that was held in 2021.

The LoL Finals had a peak concurrent viewer count of 5.1 million according to esports charts. It is important to note that these numbers are without the inclusion of Chinese streaming sites like Duyou or BiliBili.

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Community Co-Streams Hike Up Viewership Numbers

Ahead of the League of Legends World Championship finals, it was announced that a list of streamers would be co-streaming the event and doing their own cast and commentary throughout the event. This was one of the main reasons why the viewership shot up significantly, especially with big names like Sykkuno and Ibai being a part of the event.

Ibai was essential in the viewership numbers, with his channel becoming one of the most watched on Twitch, earning a peak audience of 481,000 according to esports charts. He even overtook some official League of Legends channels in terms of viewership, but let's be honest: it's Ibai so we're not surprised here.

Overall, the World Championship final raked in 1.1 million viewers more compared to the previous record which was at just over 4 million concurrent viewers. This makes League of Legends the overall most viewed esport of all time. As mentioned, only the Free Fire World Series has managed to top it and no other esport event has even come close to LoL in the last four years.

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