Never Before Done: DRX Break Records At LoL Worlds 2022

DRX have done the unthinkable this LoL World Championship and a underdog story like this one won't be coming by anytime soon again.

DRX World Champions
Who would have thought that this team could make it so far? | © Riot Games

The League of Legends World Championship has ended in dramatic fashion. DRX managed to beat the best teams in the world, fighting tooth and nail to be there and to show off why they are the best team in all of League of Legends.

It wasn't easy and along the way, the team managed a feat that no one else was able to do before them.

Deft - First Bot Laner Over Age 21 To Win LoL Worlds

Before this League of Legends Worlds Finals, every single ADC had been 21 or younger when winning. Well, hopefully with the performance of Deft, as well as Faker, we can finally get rid of the age debate. Deft played a key role in DRX and their victory over T1 this Worlds.

Without Deft in 2021 DRX had struggled, but his veteran voice has helped bring the team to this point. He also played insane and out of his mind, earning himself a World Championship title after 10-years of professional play.

Comeback Kings - DRX Go From Play-Ins to World Champions

DRX started off their run all the way back in Mexico City in the play-in stage. From there the team built up their momentum, feeding off the doubters that stood along every single corner. RNG first out of groups? Nope. DRX. TES the number one team in their group? Nope DRX.

Their run was incredible, beating out the former World Champions Edward Gaming with a reverse sweep and also bulldozing over Gen.G before making it into the League of Legends World Championship Finals and winning it. A result no one would have seen coming, hence why there are no perfect Pick'Ems at this World Championship.

From Last Place to World Champions

In just a single year DRX has managed to turn things around. In 2021, after their 2020 team disbanded with only Pyosik remaining, DRX had one of the worst seasons in the history of the LCK. Pyosik and Kingen were on that roster.

Now, a year later they stand atop the League of Legends World as Champions and get to celebrate. This team was doubted along every corner and have made an incredible comeback, not just in 2022 but also compared to 2021. Congratulations!

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