League of Legends: MrBeast Looking To Purchase LCS Slot

MrBeast showed up on the State Farm Analyst Desk at the League of Legends World Championship and made some interesting comments once there about a future in the LCS.

Mr Beast Squid Game
Will MrBeast own an LCS team in 2023? | © Riot Games

Elon Musk taking over Twitter, Henry Cavill leaving the Witcher... there has been some crazy news all over the world, but MrBeast just dropped another huge bomb at the League of Legends World Championship finals – he is looking to get into the North American LCS.

When could the young content creator and entrepreneur make this dream a reality though? How involved is he in the League of Legends scene thus far?

LoL Worlds Finals: MrBeast Looking to Get Into the LCS

On the analyst desk ahead of the match between T1 and DRX, MrBeast was asked whether he would buy an LCS team and make an entrance in the professional League of Legends scene. Earlier in 2022 he played a show match in Las Vegas against streamer Ludwig, so he is involved.

MrBeast has also spoken about wanting to enter the LoL scene before on Twitter so it comes as no surprise that the content creator was asked about owning a potential team in the future. Well, if you're expecting a team in 2023 you'll have to wait according to the YouTuber.

Want to know more about MrBeast? Check out our video!

MrBeast LoL Team Could Become Reality

While the team could become a reality, it seems like fans will have to wait. When asked about his future LCS team, MrBeast did state that it could take another two years before he can own an LCS squad. His popularity will likely propel it to become a fan favourite quickly.

Until then, we will have to make do with more celebrity show matches hosted by MrBeast. Who should he play with or against next time and will Bjergsen and other LCS players be involved in the future?

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