LoL Worlds Finals Livestream: How To Watch The League of Legends Finals Online

The League of Legends World Championship is coming to an end. You haven't had much time to watch the event but want to tune in to the finals, right? Well that's why we're here to let you know how to watch the League of Legends World Championship finals livestream.

LoL Worlds Finals
The LoL Worlds Finals are set: T1 vs. DRX. | © Riot Games

The League of Legends World Championship finals are going to take place on Novemebr 5, 2022 in San Francisco. You'll have a chance to watch the event live online as T1 try to get their fourth Worlds title, while DRX want to make it their first. So let's go over everything you need to know about the upcoming LoL Worlds finals livestream.

Riot has multiple streams for you to watch in your designated language and on the platform you're most comfortable on. So let's go over the details right now.

LoL Worlds 2022 Livestream: All English Streams

Since I'm writing in English I'm going to assume that you're also looking to watch the LoL Worlds 2022 finals in English, right? So let's quickly go over all the streams for the League of Legends World Championship.

If you want to be the biggest League of Legends fan though, then we suggest watching from the official LoLesports website. Why? Because by logging in to your League of Legends account you'll be able to get watch drops and rewards, for example the beautiful Tiffany & Co chromas.

Missed the Game? Don't Worry

If you're one of the unfortunate viewers from Europe and the game only starts at 1AM on Sunday, then don't worry. You can always go onto the official LoLesports VODs channel on YouTube to watch any games you might have missed – or if you already watched it but it was a total banger you can re-watch it then this is the place to check it out again.

Watch LoL Worlds in Other Languages

If the English cast isn't what you're looking for then don't worry. You can practically watch the event in any language of your choice, whether that is French, German or even Korean. With Worlds being the biggest international event of the year, Riot makes sure that everyone has a chance to watch the LoL Worlds finals livestream.

So for any LoL Worlds enjoyers out there, you've got a lot of viewing options on the internet for you. The language of your choice is also at the tip of your fingers and if you watch on the official LoL esports website you'll be able to change the language of the stream accordingly as well. Easy peasy. Now who do you want to win it all? T1 or DRX?