New LoL Worlds 2022 Skin Revealed by Riot

Each year Riot releases one League of Legends World Championship skin. Last year it was none other than Jarvan IV, who was the first LoL champion to receive both a Worlds skin, as well as a Victorious skin. Who is it going to be this year?

Azir Classic
League of Legends: Azir is going to be our man this worlds. | © Riot Games

The League of Legends World Championship is just around the corner and each year, Riot celebrates this event with a specific skin honoring the event. In 2021 players could purchase the Jarvan IV Worlds skin, and the year before it was Championship LeBlanc.

Riot decided last year to rename the Championship Skins into Worlds Skins, since some players were confused between the championship skins asn the victorious skins, which are skins players receive at the end of the season when they reach gold or higher in solo queue.

Which LoL Champion Will Receive the Worlds Skin in 2022?

This year we are going to be getting a Worlds skin for none other than Azir. This is a champion you see on stage more often than in your solo queue games since he is quite a complex pick. This champion is a late game carry who will need a few items until he is truly online.

In 2015 SKT T1 won the League of Legends World Championship for the second time and Lee "Faker" Sanghyeok, the face of League of Legends by this point chose Azir as his champion skin. Now, six years later, Azir is getting the honor once more of representing the World Championship.

Is Azir on the list of champions with most pentakills?

Which Champions Have Worlds/Championship Skins?

In 2012 Riot started the tradition of adding Championship Skins in celebration of the big event.


Skin Release

Championship Riven2012
Championship Thresh2013
Championship Shyvana2014
Championship Kalista2015
Championship Zed2016
Championship Ashe2017
Championship Kha'Zix2018
Championship Ryze2019
Championship LeBlanc2020
Worlds Jarvan IV2021

It is important to note that these are all Legacy Skins. This means that once the World Championship is over these skins will be vaulted and you won't be able to purchase them after. You can however, still get them in chests and re-roll them if you're lucky.

How Much Will Worlds Azir Cost?

The previous Worlds and Championship skins have all cost 1350 RP, so we don't think that Azir's skin is going to be any different from previous ones. Riot does give these skins new recalls, animation and VFX as well as SFX, so 1350 for a skin like this is reasonable.

The Worlds and Championship skins represent champions that have had a major impact on the meta in the year, so we are unsure why Riot hasn't chosen Zeri to be honest, but Azir is another pick that has been quite important for the pro scene, especially since the durability update. Games have hone longer, making late game champions much more prominent.