LoL Patch 12.10 All Buffs and Nerfs to Durability

Patch 12.10 is going to be a huge patch without any specific champion adjustments, but all around the board changes. Let's quickly check them out!

Lunar Beast Aphelios
Get ready for some updates! | © Riot Games

Guys, you can already expect a hotfix patch the day after the next League of Legends patch drops. Why? Well, Riot has already announced it because they're going to be buffing durability on every champion and won't be able to tell how those changes land off PBE info alone.

So, expect Patch 12.10 to be crazy with a bunch of changes and adjustments. Shielding, healing, Grievous Wounds and much more are also going to be adjusted in Patch 12.10 with the huge durability update Riot has planned to fight the rampant power creep problem that's been taking hold of the game in recent years.

All Champion Adjustments in LoL Patch 12.10

The durability update we've been yapping about for the last few weeks is finally just around the corner. On the PBE server, players have been testing out the changes and many have expressed positive feedback to the updates, saying fights feel better and the game overall is seen in a more positive light.

So, what is it that Riot did? Basically, they gave every single champion a few buffs to their durability. This means that in fights, champions won't be burst down within two seconds. This is especially good for squishy support champions, who have felt quite lackluster in recent times.

Every champion got an increase of:

  • Base Health: +70
  • Health/lvl: +14
  • Armor/lvl: +1.2
  • Magic Resist/lvl: +0.8

Those aren't the only champion stats Riot has decided to take under the microscope with the durability update in Patch 12.10. Both champion healing and shielding will also be adjusted.

  • Champion Healing: Reduced by 10-28%
  • Champion Shielding: Reduced by 10%

So, champion are a tad more buff, the healing and shielding champions will be getting nerfed in Patch 12.10 as well. The healing and shielding changes are key for sustain champion. As Riot Phlox stated on Twitter, "if we didn't adjust healing and shielding, sustain champs would be absolutely unkillable and buffed waaay more than their counterparts. We're not trying to swap league into a Mega-Mundo-Meta."

All System Adjustments in LoL Patch 12.10

Of course, with such big changes sweeping Summoner's Rift, we also can't overlook the system adjustments that Riot is implementing. Once again, these are changes that are all part of the durability update.

Systems with Healing
  • Reduced by 10-28%
Systems with Shielding
  • Reduced by 10%
Grievous Wounds
  • 40% --> 30% // Enhanced 60% --> 50%
% Pen Items
  • Reduced by 5-10%
Turred AD
  • Outer: 152 - 278 --> 167 - 391
  • Inner: 170 - 305 --> 187 - 427
  • Inhibitor: 170 - 305 --> 187 - 427
  • Nexus: 150 - 285 --> 165 - 405
Baron Nashor
  • AD: 125+8/m --> 150+10/m

For the adjusted tower aggro, it's important to note that minions will not be affected by this change. Minions will continue to take the same amounts of damage from the tower as per Phlox on Twitter.

League of Legends Patch 12.10 will be touching on every single champion in the game and in the next patch, as well as b-patches, Riot will make needed adjustments to specific champions that are completely nutty or suffering too much. But will this mitigate the amount of burst in the game?