Twisted Fate Is Getting A Visual Update in Patch 12.10

Twisted Fate is one of the oldest champions in the game and while he's a pretty cool pick, some of his visuals are pretty out of date, so Riot is going to make some improvements in the coming weeks.
Blodd moon twisted fate
How will his personality be displayed? | © Riot Games

There have already been multiple VFX updates this year. These small visual updates will enrich the older champions and bring them up to par with other champions as well. Now, these aren't updates like an ASU or a VGU, but much smaller, focusing on clarity and the abilities and skins.

This time around, Riot is focusing on Twisted Fate, after having made adjustments to Leona and Syndra in previous patches. Who else is next on the list of VFX updates for Riot? Honestly, Quinn deserves one, but that's just my own opinion.

What VFX Updates Will Twisted Fate Receive?

These VFX updates will focus on the visual effects of the champion to make their skills more clear for players. These should also improve the champions' gameplay. VFX updates are just small little updates meant to freshen up a champion so that even older champions will be able to look cool.

Twisted Fate will get a slight glow up in Patch 12.10 by Riot Games. According to the Reddit post on the PBE Reddit, RiotZhaons wrote that they're focusing on cleaning and modernizing his kit. His skins will also be receiving a slight update, so if you own an older Twisted Fate skin, then you can expect some improvements as well.

What Twisted Fate Skins Will Be Updated?

Every single Twisted Fate skin will receive some form of an update with this VFX improvement. That means old skins like The Magnificent Twisted Fate, as well as newer skins like Crime City Nightmare, will have some improvements to show once Riot is done with the VFX changes.

  • Base: Complete overhaul
  • PAX Twisted Fate: Same as base
  • Jack of Hearts Twisted Fate: Same as base
  • The Magnificent Twisted Fate: Complete Overhaul
  • Tango Twisted Fate: Same as base
  • High Noon Twisted Fate: Complete overhaul
  • Musketeer Twisted Fate: Same as base
  • Underworld Twisted Fate: Complete overhaul
  • Red Card Twisted Fate: Same as base
  • Cutpurse Twisted Fate: Mirror new base
  • Blood Moon Twisted Fate: Mirror new base
  • Pulsefire Twisted Fate: Minor changes mirroring new base
  • Odyssey Twisted Fate: Minor changes mirroring new base
  • Crime City Twisted Fate: Minor changes mirroring new base

When Will Twisted Fate Get His VFX Update?

The Twisted Fate VFX Update should hit the rift with League of Legends Patch 12.10. He's not the only champion to get a slight visual update, though, because Nami is also on the list for some improvements. So, both are going to be seeing some new visuals then.

The biggest change in Patch 12.10 is definitely going to be the update to durability, which will increase the HP, armor and magic resist of all champions in League of Legends. This means longer team fights, so be prepared, guys.