Syndra to Receive VFX Update

Syndra is one of the most well-known champions in League of Legends. She’s been around for ages and finally, Riot is giving her visuals some love with an update!
Syndra VFX Update
Bjergsen must be excited that his main is getting some new visuals! | © Riot Games

Players like Bjergsen, Faker and PowerOfEvil have made Syndra one of the most recognizable champions in the game. Their prowess on this mid lane mage are unmatched and after nine years, she is going to be getting a visual update.

The League of Legends Dev Team Twitter recently tweeted out some information regarding the upcoming Syndra VFX changes coming to the PBE server. This means we can get a cleaner Syndra as soon as LoL Patch 11.21 drops. We have all the info you need right here regarding the Syndra VFX update.

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What is a VFX Update?

VFX stands for visual effects. So, updating the VFX means that the champion is going to be getting some new colours, visuals and animations. Syndra isn’t the first champion to be getting a much-needed VFX update. Other champions Riot has tackled include Ziggs, Malzahar and Zilean.

A VFX update is not to be confused with a VGU update in which champions get completely overhauled – like Dr. Mundo or Udyr. A VFX update is much smaller, merely geared to update older champions to bring them up to par with the quality of newer champions as well.

What VFX Updates is Syndra Getting?

Syndra was released all the way back in 2012, making her one of the OG champions in League of Legends. Since then she’s had the same model and is in need of some love from League of Legends, so her base skin and older skins are visually more appealing.

  • Syndra is one of the oldest mages, while Vex is the newest. Check out our Vex Champion Guide to master the new mid lane mage!

The two newest skins of her kit – Bewitching and Withered Rose – won’t be getting any changes. But all her other skins will also be updated along with the base Syndra skin, which is getting a complete visual overhaul:

  • Base: Complete overhaul
  • Justicar: Complete overhaul, should finally be readable
  • Atlantean: Minimal changes, it was already pretty good gameplay and art-wise
  • Queen of Diamonds: Uses base changes
  • Snow Day: Pretty big changes, mainly aimed at mirroring base's and cleaning up the noise
  • SKT T1: Mirroring base changes and added subtle SKT T1 logo in lvl 5 E cone
  • Star Guardian: Minimal changes
  • Pool Party: Minimal tweaks
  • Withered Rose: No changes
  • Bewitching: No changes

For anyone who is interested, there is more information on the upcoming Syndra VFX update on the LeaguePBE Reddit provided by Riot Sirhaian who is working alongside Riot Temcanpy on the project.

What Other Champions Will Get Visual Updates?

Currently, we know that Riot is working on a VGU update for Udyr. In the latest Dev post, we found out how the different Udyr stances will change with whole new updated looks. His stances will now be related to the Freljordian demigods which is a nice touch to the champion.

Udyr’s update is far more extensive than that of Syndra who is merely getting a visual overhaul to bring her into 2021. Like with Dr. Mundo and Fiddlesticks, Udyr is going to be getting overhauled skins, new splash arts and improved gameplay.

In the same dev post in which Riot talked about Udyr, they also mentioned ASU’s which are going to be art and sustainability updates which will to be much cheaper than a VGU, but also bigger than a VFX update. Most fans predict the first champion to get an ASU to be Caitlyn since her updated look was leaked during a TFT reveal event for the new TFT set coming in Patch 11.22.

Are you happy that Syndra is getting some visual love from Riot? What would you change? Let us know on Discord!

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