LoL Rengar Mini Rework: Release Date, Abilities & More

Rengar was supposed to get an update in the summer of 2021, but it has been pushed back over and over. When will Rengar finally become a decent jungler again?
Rengar Rework Season 12
The Rengar rework is looming. | © Riot Games

Throughout Season 11, quite a few champions got bigger – and even smaller – updates. Lucian and Amumu in LoL Patch 11.17, Karma in Patch 11.16. Riot isn't slowing down in Season 12 though with the upcoming Udyr VFX rework and the long-awaited Rengar mini-update.

Rengar is getting a mini rework. Finally! Seriously, his performance in Season 11 has been nothing short of questionable. There are way too many better alternatives to the jungle cat and with champions like Diana – who is easier to play – becoming viable once more, he completely lost his place. Even in high elo, where he was once a classic, he's become scarce. Well, with an abysmal win rate of under 45% in pre-season, it really doesn't look good for Rengar.

But now, Riot has decided to make some changes to help get this cat back into shape and onto Summoner's Rift!

Ultimate Passive Rework

Rengar hasn't been feeling great, especially on the chemtech map, where brushes are replaced for a camouflage zone. Where is the big cat supposed to leap out from? That's what we asked ourselves, so now Riot has made some changes to the passive of his ultimate.

Once Rengar has his ult, he will also be able to leap when camouflaged – which is what the chemtech map does, right? This doesn't just apply to the chemtech zone though. For example, Rengar will also be able to leap from Senna's mist.

Of course, those aren't the only changes Riot is working on. Here are the original rework plans from this summer. If these exact changes will be going live in Season 12 is still unknown.

Rengar Gets a Mini-Rework

Those are a lot of changes, eh? But worry not, we're going to go over the key points of this Rengar mini rework right now!


  • Rengar will only have 3 Stacks of Ferocity. This means his rotation will be simpler, quicker and much more efficient. Basically, he'll be able to jump, hit everything and then gain a second empowered Q. Once he's empowered one of his abilities, he gains movement speed. Not as much as before, but instead of just 1.5 seconds this now lasts for 3!

W - Battle Roar

  • His road will be reworked to give Rengar the optimal jungle clear. As you can tell in our Jungle Tier List of LoL Patch 11.16 it's all about clear speed, burst and the suitable mythic item. Extra damage to monsters, extra healing and thanks to his new passive, Rengar can even let out two roars in any triple combo.

E - Bolar Strike

  • Let's keep it simple. Your leap onto enemies doesn't have any cast time anymore. This means if you want to use your triple combo, it's going to be a solid 0.25 seconds faster now – which is a lot for any assassin in the current meta.

Rengar Mini Rework Release Date

The changes in Rengars kit are pretty extensive balance-wise. He needs a huge overhaul to be viable in the current League of Legends environment, which is why Riot is taking their time on going over it all.

Originally, we thought the rework would go live in LoL Patch 11.18, but then the 2021 World Championship took hold of us and then pre-season became a priority, which meant that the balance team had a lot of other issues to fix before they could turn their attention to the cat.

So, expect the Rengar mini rework to go live early in Season 12. The ultimate changes will likely go live in LoL Patch 12.01, but the rest of his kit could be reworked a little later. Sorry Rengar mains, you'll have to stay patient a little longer.