LoL Patch 12.01 Preview

Patch 12.01 is going to be the first patch of season 12. Some changes are already obvious, but which skins are we getting?

Season 11 is over, and we’re knee-deep in the pre-season right now. New drakes, keystones and items have made us question our sanity, but Riot isn’t done yet. There are more changes they’re currently working on to make our lives' hell.

So let’s take a look ahead at the next patch, which should be LoL Patch 12.01 if we are to believe the official League of Legends patch schedule. Which changes could await us in the new year or will these still go live in 2021 during a mid-patch update?

Janna Update coming in 2022

For any Janna mains out there, you'll be excited to hear that she will receive a small rework in season 12. The changes should be going live on PBE quite soon for players to test out. So, what is the balance team trying out?

Basically, they want to take some of the power from her W and auto-attacks. Her best ARAM ability, her Q, will be much stronger though, so if you ever get her in ARAM, just spam those hurricanes.

Janna's attack range will be nerfed though, and her passive also won't allow for her attacks and W to do extra magic damage based on her bonus movement speed anymore. Let's see how these changes catch on for the Storm's Fury.

Janna 7
How do you guys feel about the Janna changes? | © Riot Games

Sadly though, that's not gonna happen in LoL Patch 12.01 but rather in 12.02 or even one of the later patches. Riot August, who is part of the dev's team, said on Twitter that they are still not done yet. So the Janna update is delayed right now.

The supposed community feedback is in line with other recent developments regarding skin updates that are suitable for the state of the game. The Firelight Ekko skin also will be delayed for a couple more patches, as Riot wants to implement updates that fans demanded first.

Teleport Changes Coming to League of Legends

In the upcoming League of Legends patch, there will be some changes made to the summoner spell Teleport. Until now, you’ve been able to teleport to any ward, whenever you wanted, right? Okay, not when the summoner was on cooldown, but you catch our drift, right?

Riot is planning on implementing a change that could have massive effects on the way we play the early game. Currently being tested on PBE is a new mechanic that would allow players to only teleport to allied towers until 14-minutes into the game.

So, if you’re winning bot lane, stomping hard and know the enemy jungler is somewhere else? No reason to back off and continue to farm turret plates. It’s not like a ward could be hidden in any bush that the opposing top laner could TP to, right?

No more bot lane fiesta’s in the first five minutes where everyone wastes a teleport for a single kill and a bit of extra gold. RIP.

League of Legends is changing, and this seems like it will make the top lane even more of an island than it already has been. Riot, just build a wall between top lane and jungle already. Make the top lane a 1-vs-1 match of honor.

Challenges System Coming in Next Patch

Riot has teased the upcoming Challenges system, which means players can show off their skill even without having to constantly grind solo queue. If you are more likely to waste time playing ARAMs, even then you can get challenges and progression symbols.

This is currently being tested on PBE. Hopefully, once season 12 starts, we can show off just how good at ARAM we are or how much we suck when we do queue up for a normal game.

Skins Coming in LoL Patch 12.01

We have already mentioned in a previous article that there will be new skins heading our way in the next patch as well. Firelight Ekko will return us to the world of Arcane. We’ve had a few free Arcane skins – though now they’re 975 RP if you didn’t complete the missions – and Ekko is joining the gang with his own 1350 RP skin. Although the skin was delayed lately and we might have to wait for a little longer.

Two other skins have also been announced. Rek’Sai and Gnar will be getting Elderwood skins, and they look incredible. Who knew that these two creatures, so different in their base form, could fit the Elderwood concept so well.