New Firelight Ekko & Elderwood Skins: Release Date, Champions & Price

Riot just announced their upcoming skins. Elderwood and another Arcane skin! But which champions are receiving them and how expensive will they be?
Elderwood Gnar skin
Gnar is adorable. | © Riot Games

Arcane isn’t over yet, baby! We got four free skins thanks to the release of the popular Netflix series, but Riot isn’t done yet. We continue to ride the hype train with another Arcane-themed skin coming soon!

Along with the Arcane skin, we will also be returning to the mysterious world of the Elderwood where we encounter two new faces. So, let’s check out who will receive skins, when they will be released and how much they’ll cost.

Which Champions Will Get Elderwood and Arcane Skins?

Ekko will be receiving an Arcane skin as well. It’s like being transported back in time during the release of Arcane. We all thought that the mysterious leader of the Firelights could be the next champion until it was revealed to be none other than Ekko!

So of course, Riot had to take this unique look and concept and turn it into a skin for the boy who shattered time. So, get ready for the Firelight Ekko skin to be making his way into your shop soon!

Two Elderwood skins have also been announced. Gnar and Rek’Sai are on the receiving end of these skins, and they look absolutely insane. They’re currently being tested on PBE and honestly, Rek’Sai fits the Elderwood concept so well. She deserves some love.

How Much Will the Elderwood and Arcane Skins Cost?

The Ekko skin will sadly not be for free. All other Arcane skins were, but Firelight Ekko does look like it was a bit more lavish than Caitlyn’s or Vi’s skin. The other Arcane skins are now 975 RP in the store, and Ekko looks to be a bit more expensive than them. Firelight Ekko was confirmed by Riot to cost 1350 RP upon release.

On the other hand, Gnar and Rek’Sai will also cost 1350 RP once they’re released for purchase by Riot Games, but honestly? Worth.

When Will the Elderwood Skins be Released?

LoL Patch 11.24 just released on December 8, 2021, which could mean that these are the first skins of 2022. According to the official patch schedule, there are no more patches planned for 2021, with New Year's and Christmas coming up. The developers are surely getting some rest before the start of a new season.

So, the release date of these skins isn’t confirmed yet, but we might still have to wait a few weeks before we get to play with them on live servers. Until then, you can test them out on PBE and give feedback to Riot to improve anything you feel is missing on both Firelight Ekko and the Elderwood Gnar and Rek’Sai skin.

Elderwood Azir
Doesn't Azir just look hella majestic? | © Riot Games

When Will Firelight Ekko be Released?

Riot needed to delay the release date of Firelight Ekko a few patches. The skin originally was expected to got live in LoL Patch 12.01. But Mr. and Mrs. Rito didn't expect the power of the community on this one. A shitstorm, if we've ever seen one. Firelight Ekko would have costed 1350 RP. 1350 RP? All the other Arcane Skins are out for only 975! So what does Firelight Ekko have that Arcane Jinx doesn't? The answer is – most precisely – nothing.

Firelight Ekko was said to release as a skin purely reworked in terms of VFX (visual special effects). Let's see, how many 1350-skins have been released with only visual updates before. The answer is – most precisely – none. The reddit community went mad mad. How dare you, Rito? That is betrayal!

To get into more detail, the discussion mostly went on about why there are no SFX (sound special effects) updates for a skin that expensive. An iconic precedent in a time of Riot Games skyrocketing. It was a revolution against the gods themselves. And we made god bleed. Riot confirmed they will take a bit of extra time to make Firelight Ekko more appealing, a few patches at least.

That is also why Firelight Ekko is not yet released on PBE. Upon release the skin will not only have SFX updates but also may get little Homeguard animation. Hoverboard is back baby! The peasants are pleased!

Existing Skins in League of Legends

Which Champions Already Have Elderwood Skins?

There are a few champions that have received Elderwood skins. So if you like the aesthetic, then check out these champions and skins:

  • Elderwood Ahri
  • Elderwood Azir
  • Elderwood Bard
  • Elderwood Hecarim
  • Elderwood LeBlanc
  • Elderwood Ornn
  • Elderwood Rakan
  • Elderwood Xayah
  • Elderwood Veigar

The Dryad Soraka and Emerald Taric skin also belong to the Elderwood universe.

Which Champions Already Have Arcane Skins?

This is one you can probably recite in your sleep. We’ve talked about Arcane over and over, and we aren’t stopping anytime soon. What is Shimmer, how is Vi different in her champion lore? Well, we also know that we got some sick skins thanks to the Arcane x Riot event.

  • Arcane Jayce
  • Arcane Vi
  • Arcane Caitlyn
  • Arcane Jinx

So if you really enjoyed the show, then make sure to save some RP for Firelight Ekko.