Jinx and Jayce Getting VFX Updates

Riot revealed VFX updates for both Jinx and Jayce. What has changed in these champions visuals?

Arcane Jayce
Jayce getting a VFX update soon! | © Riot Games

The Netflix series Arcane is inching closer day-by-day and Riot is getting ready to celebrate the release of the animated series in style – and by style, we mean skins, of course. But wait, there is more!

The League of Legends developers also have some visual updates for some Arcane champions in store for us. Jayce and Jinx will both be receiving VFX updates ahead of the series start. These changes are purely cosmetic and won’t change any of the champion's abilities.

So let’s get into it, what exactly changed for these champions?

Jinx VFX Update Details

Jinx is going to be the main character of Arcane. With all eyes on her, she is in desperate need of a visual update. She’s one of the oldest champions and her model and abilities look a little outdated, which is why this VFX update is much needed for her.

Her visuals are going to be a little more dynamic with these changes. Her Q – Switcheroo, which switches between her mini gun and a rocket launcher, didn’t get too big of an update. Now, when Jinx auto-attacks with her rocket, the enemy hit is not engulfed by smoke anymore, but an orange hue.

Her W got more clarity, which makes it easier to spot her hitbox and her E also got some clarity improvements. It is not more obvious where they’ll explode, thanks to blue circles underneath the chompers.

Finally, her ultimate rocket was also made a bit bigger, so it’s easier to spot and has a larger blast.

Which Jinx Skins also got VFX Updates?

Three skins also got updates thanks to the VFX. Most changes are rather minor though, but will add more clarity to the champion:

  • Crime City Jinx
  • Firecracker Jinx
  • Zombie Slayer Jinx

Jayce VFX Update Details

Jayce is going to be another main character in Arcane, hence, why this inventor is also in need of a visual update.

His Q was updated in both stances. When in hammer stance, Jayce leaps towards an enemy, slamming the hammer down. The yellow tint from the ground has been removed.

While in cannon form, the color was improved and the shockblast is a bit bigger. The animation of the electricity around the weapon was also improved.

His W was also improved by creating a cleaner hue of yellow around him when using it with his Mercury Hammer. The circle around him is also clearer thanks to the visual update.

Which Jayce Skins got VFX Updates?

Two Jayce skins got small updates to their VFX as well:

  • Full Metal Jayce
  • Debonair Jayce

When Will the Jayce & Jinx VFX Update Go Live?

Riot hasn’t revealed the official date when the visual improvements will hit live servers, but we believe that they will be coming in LoL Patch 11.22, right before the release of Arcane. So we probably won’t have to wait long for these new visuals to grace our eyes.

When Will the Arcane Skins be Released?

So far, Riot has revealed the Arcane skins for both Jayce and Vi, though other champions are sure to follow and also receive new skins in celebration of the Netflix and Riot Games collaboration.

The skins for Jayce and Vi will be available in LoL Patch 11.22, but many fans believe that these could be re-skins and made available for free through an in-client event. We’ll have to wait to find out more, though.