LoL Patch 11.22 Preview

So many changes have hit the PBE server, but what is part of LoL Patch 11.22 and what is pre-season?

Battle Academia Jayce Splash HD
Jayce is getting a skin in Patch 11.22! | © Riot Games

LoL Patch 11.22 is coming up fast. This patch will be the final patch before the pre-season changes go live. What do we know about this patch already, though? Is there anything on the PBE servers?

Thus far, most of the information that we have regarding the PBE server is that the pre-season changes for Patch 11.23 are already being tested, which means it’s a bit difficult to already discern what is going to go live in Patch 11.22, and what is going to wait another 2 weeks on the PBE server.

Pre-Season Changes on the current PBE Patch

As mentioned, most of the changes on the current PBE server are related to the pre-season. We know we’re getting two new dragons – Chemtech dragon and Hextech dragon. New items are being tested right now and even a new bounty system.

These updates won’t be going live in Patch 11.22 yet, Riot only testing out these big changes for a whole month before the general community gets to test it out.

Arcane in LoL Patch 11.22

What we do know is that the Netflix series Arcane, which revolves around the sisters Jinx and Vi, will be released on November 6. LoL Patch 11.22 is going to go live on Wednesday, November 3 which means there is going to be an event surrounding the show in the client.

There are Arcane icons that can be seen on PBE which players will be able to acquire through the Arcane event. So we’re going to have Arcane not only come to the big screen, but also the League client!

New Skins Coming in Patch 11.22

We know that two skins – also related to Arcane – will be available in LoL Patch 11.22. Jayce and Vi Arcane skins have been shown on Twitter. We do believe these might be re-skins like the Unbound Thresh skin which players can obtain through the event.

This means that we might be getting some free skins once more! Fans did say they want more skins which they can obtain through events, like during the Odyssey event where a free skin was also given out. Did Riot listen to their community?

TFT Gizmos and Gadgets Will go Live in LoL Patch 11.22

We don’t talk much about TFT, but for anyone who missed the memo, this is a quick reminder that the newest TFT set, Gizmos and Gadgets, is going to hit live servers in LoL Patch 11.22 as well. So if you weren’t a fan of Reckoning, then check out this unique TFT set!

When Will LoL Patch 11.22 Be Released?

As we mentioned above, LoL Patch 11.22 is going to go live on November 3, 2021. This is only three days before the official release of Arcane. So get ready for the Netflix celebration. This show was years in the making, and we finally get to experience it once Patch 11.22 goes live!