Rell Will Receive A Mid-Scope Update Soon

Rell seems to have disappeared into oblivion, which is why Riot is looking at her kit to try and separate her from other supports and to make her truly shine.
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She deserves so much better. | © Riot Games

Rell is the champion most in need of some love by Riot Games. She was released in December 2020 and has since been forgotten, by players and Riot alike. But it seems she's finally popped back onto the radar of the champions team, and all it took was her play rate in unranked matches dropping down to 0.8%.

So, the community went to Reddit, and stated their displeasure of just how slow and bad Rell seems to be. Her attack speed is laughable, her movement speed as well and anything she does, Leona can just do better it seems.

Reav3 Responds on Reddit

On the same Reddit post, Ryan "Reav3" Mireles, Lead Champion Designer at Riot Games, expressed his feelings on the champion.

Rell is a Champion we talk about as a possible target for a midscope update, similar to what we have recently done with Swain/Olaf/Taliyah. We think we could potentially smooth out some of the issues brought up in this thread with a update like that. We haven't started work on one yet, but she is a Champion we feel is fairly high priority.

While Rell has pretty interesting lore, letting fans explore Noxus from a different angle, and her design is also unique, she, as a champion, does not live up to the fantasy she is supposed to provide, which is something Riot will want to tackle if they do go forth with the Rell mid-scope update.

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Will A Mid-Scope Update Make Rell More Popular?

Another Reddit user asked whether mid-scope updates have made a difference in a champions' popularity. Reav3 explained that it wasn't a huge difference, but they have helped champions regain some footing. Until this point, only the Ahri and Swain mid-scope updates have gone live.

In League of Legends Patch 12.9 Olaf and Taliyah will both be receiving their updates which could boost their play rates as well. These updates are meant to help struggling champions become a little more mainstream, as well as to bring their abilities up to par with the current standard of League of Legends champions.

Hopefully, Riot will be able to retain the interesting dynamic of mounting and dismounting, while working on giving her a unique identity. In the current state of the game, Rell just feels like a discount Leona, which is why support players will usually choose Leona over Rell any day.

When Can We Expect Rell's Mid-Scope Update?

Her mid-scope update hasn't even been started yet. The champions team is still just in the midst of discussing her mid-scope update, so it isn't even certain whether Rell will receive an update. She does need one, because she is an interesting champion, but she just isn't working out in her current state.