LoL Patch 13.10: Neeko Jungle Adjustments Added After Hot Start Post Mid-Scope

Neeko's Mid-Scope Update has just been released and while she has been pretty good, Riot has felt that she needs a little more love with some changes in LoL Patch 13.10.

Star Guardian Neeko Skin
LoL Patch 13.10 will have some changes for Neeko jungle in store. | © Riot Games

Neeko just had her Mid-Scope Update released in LoL Patch 13.9, but it seems that Riot is looking to make some more adjustments to her kit, specifically to her jungle role. This has some players confused though, since she does have a quick and good clear in the current state.

Neeko is the newest most annoying champion, thanks to the changes to her kit, but now Riot is going to buff her and make her even better in LoL Patch 13.10.

League of Legends: Neeko Buffs In LoL Patch 13.10

Neeko is going to be getting some buffs in the upcoming League of Legends patch. She is currently one of the most banned champions in League of Legends and with good reason. Her win rate as a jungler might be down in the dumps, her ban rate speaks for itself with over 23%.

Now, Riot is going to buff Neeko even more in the upcoming LoL Patch 13.10, giving her a better clear and more opportunities to be that annoying ganker that will ruin all your fun. Seriously, the chicken gank or minion gank... they're just painful.

Riot is going to be buffing Neeko's Q, W and ultimate to try and bring her low win rate up, something a lot of players don't understand since they feel that Neeko has a decent clear speed right now and that it's trolls using her passive that are bringing down her win rate.

Ahri LoL Patch 13.10 Changes

Blooming Burst (Q)

  • Bonus Monster Damage: 30-70 --> 35-95

Shapesplitter (W)

  • Bonus Monster Damage: 50 --> 75

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Pop Blossom (R)

  • AP Ratio: 100% --> 120%

With these changes, Neeko is going to be a much better jungler in the coming patch, but it likely won't bring down her current ban rate. Neeko's Mid-Scope has done it's job of revitalizing the champion thanks to the reworked passive, but it's also made her one of the most annoying champions to go up against.

These Neeko adjustments come alongside the 2023 midseason update, which will also bring new items to the game and re-classify some of our old favorites.

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