League of Legends Patch 13.10: Wardstone Receiving Significant Changes In Midseason Update

In LoL Patch 13.10, Riot will release their midseason update, which will feature a multitude of item adjustments. Support items are also getting huge changes and some of the biggest are coming to our favorite warding items.

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LoL Patch 13.10: Watch out support mains! | © Riot Games

The upcoming League of Legends patch 13.10 is going to have some major changes for all you support mains out there. Of course, we cannot overlook all the item changes, especially those for ADC champions, nor the buff to the Teleport rune.

Riot is making some major changes to Support champions itemization. Support items prices are going to be lowered and some of the stats have also shrunk. Now, Riot is also going to try and make Watchful Wardstone a more popular item.

League of Legends Patch 13.10: Watchful Wardstone Receives Some Interesting Updates

The midseason update is going to go live in LoL Patch 13.10. This League of Legends patch is going to be huge and bring with it some of the biggest changes since the 2023 preseason. Thankfully, the jungle is being kept intact, instead ADC and support players will have to deal with a lot of updates.

Riot is lowering the price of almost all the support items. Why? Because most support players almost never reach full build and Riot wants to change this. Especially enchanter support players have been suffering, only completing two items at most, which is why most items have had their price reduced by 200 to 300 gold.

One of the items Riot has updated is none other than Watchful Wardstone, which is usually the last item any support player builds to hold more Control Wards. This is an item most players don't even think of purchasing, which is why Riot is making some changes to bot lane itemization.

With the changes on the PBE, Watchful Wardstone will still cost the same amount, give players 50% base mana regen, as well as 150 health and 10 ability haste. The passive has not changed with players still able to hold 3 Control Wards with this item, but the Blessing of Ixtal passive has been reduced to 8% from 12%.

These are just the numbers on the PBE right now and there could still be some changes made to the passive, so keep an eye out for any item updates when these changes go live in LoL Patch 13.10.

Not only did Riot make these changes to the item itself, but the upgraded version, Vigilant Wardstone also received some changes, with players now having to purchase the item, rather than Watchful Wardstone automatically upgrading.

We also wanted to make some changes to Wardstone since it has relatively low purchase rate for what was expected at its slot. Since supports now had an extra 1100-1300 gold to work with lategame, it felt like a perfect place to serve as a Gold sink for supports who hit full build and still want to continue increasing their power without giving up the ability to purchase and hold control wards.

Vigilant Wardstone will also include a huge boost. The Blessing of Ixtal passive will grant 20% increased AP, Ability Haste, bonus Attack Damage and bonus Health, which is a huge upgrade from the current 12%. Therefore, the balance team is hoping that the item will be much more attractive for players.

These are just a few changes that will hit the bot lane, with support champions also receiving a new mythic item Echoes of Helia, while Imperial Mandate is now turned into a legendary item. So, will this improve the bot lane or will you spend that extra gold on another item?

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