LoL: Tyler1 Punished By Riot Games For Behavior

Screenshots of Tyler1's recent behavior during his Challenger climb have gone viral, prompting Riot to punish him. He revealed some of the details on his stream.

Tyler1 recently reached his goal of Challenger on the EUW server. It took him a little over a month, but he achieved his goal, playing most of his games off-stream due to constant trolls and griefers, as well as stream snipers in his matches.

Now that he has made it to Challenger, there have been some screenshots that circulated offline, of Tyler telling someone to "headshot themself" and other derogatory terms. It seemed that there had been no answer from Riot to these screenshots, but Tyler recently revealed that Riot did speak to him and punished him.

LoL: Tyler1 Won't Be Part Of Riot Affiliated Events For A While

In a clip that went Viral, Tyler1 explained that he did receive a direct message from Riot regarding his behavior. He did ssay that he defended himself after a specific player continuously griefed him.

He explained that a player had made multiple accounts to grief him and stop him from managing his climb and the player never got any punishment from Riot. After playing over 10-hours daily of League and encountering such players, he snapped.

Riot did send him a long email regarding his behavior, which Tyler accepted, simply saying that for about a year he will not be participating in any Riot affiliated events as punishment.

So, he might have reached his goal of Challenger in EUW, but at what cost?

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