LoL Midseason Update Finally Makes Changes To Teleport

Riot is going to be making some bug changes to the Teleport spell in LoL Patch 13.10 when the midseason update finally goes live.

Teleport is finally getting some changes and top lane mains are celebrating this huge W for their role. Ever since Riot adjusted Teleport at the start of the season, players have been lamenting the changes to teleport for an entire year and finally, Riot is listening.

Riot is making insane changes to the meta with multiple item changes, as well as other in-game adjustments like minion timers. One of the most celebrated changes though, other than the return of Statikk Shiv, has got to be the Teleport changes that are currently on the Public Beta Environment (PBE).

LoL Midseason Update Finally Improves Teleport

Every top laner is crying out in joy right now when they go onto the PBE to test out the multiple item changes. Not only is Riot going to make some changes to minion timers in the first fourteen minutes of the game, but Riot is also making adjustments to the Teleport spell.

For the 2022 League of Legends season, Riot introduced Unleashed Teleport. This new Teleport function meant that players could only teleport to structures within the first fourteen minutes of the game, only able to teleport to minions and wards once it transforms into Unleashed Teleport.

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Currently on the PBE though, players will be able to use Unleashed Teleport starting already at 10:00 minutes. Those four minutes are going to be a huge difference maker in games and will finally give top laners some of their early game agency back.

Top lane is already an island, but with the changes to teleport last year, the role has felt significantly less important in the first half of the match, with top laners simply playing a 1-vs-1 while the rest of the action happened everywhere else on the map.

This change will give top laners some more priority and they're going to have a much better time on the map to show off their play making. Early game bot laners beware, the enemy top laner could TP to a ward sooner than expected.

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