LoL Patch 13.9: Neeko's Mid-Scope Update Revealed

Neeko's Mid-Scope Update is going to releae in LoL Patch 13.9. Her new kit has made it into the PBE server and she can now turn into anything on Summoner's Rift. Are you ready?

Shan Hai Scrolls Neeko
LoL Patch 13.9: Neeko is going to be such a menace once her Mid-Scope Update goes live. | © Riot Games

Neeko's Mid-Scope Update in LoL Patch 13.9 is going to breathe new life into League of Legends. Finally, her shape-shifting fantasy is going to truly shine and come to life with this update and while everyone praises this update, it's going to be so tilting to play against her.

Neeko's Mid-Scope was teased last August and we got a glimpse back in January and now months later it's finally going to go live. Let's check out what Riot is going to update in her kit.

LoL Patch 13.9: Neeko's Mid-Scope Update Reveals New Kit

A Mid-Scope Update will take a champion and rework some of their kit to improve on their gameplay fantasy and just to bring something new and fresh to the rift. Some champions might have cool designs, but they just aren't as popular as they should be, hence why Riot looks over their kits to see how to improve them.

Syndra was the latest champion to receive a Mid-Scope and since then her play rate and win rate have shot up to a stable 50% with a 5% play-rate. Will Neeko's Mid-Scope Update also bring her back from the brink of insignificance?

Neeko might not be related to this champion, but we hope to see them together on Summoner's Rift soon.

Neeko's New Kit in LoL Patch 13.9

Passive – Inherent Glamour

  • [NEW] When Neeko is near a non-epic monster, minion, trad, ward or plant for two seconds she stores their Sho'Ma. Neeko can click on her bar to become that unit. Click on Neeko's face to return to Neeko. Clock on the little x to clear out that Sho'Ma. Only one unit can be stored at a time.
  • [NEW] Disguise no longer breaks on taking damage, only when the disguised self would have died or when you are crowd controlled
  • [Adjusted] Neeko no longer inherits base Attack Speed/Movement Speed from disguise target if that stat is higher than hers
  • Cooldown: max(((floor((N-1)/3))*-3)+25, 6) >>> 6 seconds

Q – Blooming Burst

  • Secondary/Teriarty Pop Damage: 40/65/95/115/140 + 20%AP >>> 35/65/85/110/135 + 25%AP
  • [NEW] Explosions deal: 30/40/50/60/70 bonus damage to monsters

W – Shapesplitter

  • After casting Neeko can reactivate to send the clone to a new location
  • Clone now plays animations and sounds of Q/E/Dance/Joke/Taunt/Recall/Laugh and survives for their duration
  • [NEW] Empowered Attacks deal 50 bonus damage to monsters

E – Tangle Barbs

  • Damage: 80/115/150/185/220 +60%AP >>> 70/105/140/175/210 + 65%AP

Unfortunately, Neeko doesn't have her own Star Guardian figurine yet, but Riot does have one for her former teammate Zoe!

R – Pop Blossom

  • After channel Neeko jumps into the air, suspending all nearby enemies
  • After 0.6s Neeko crashes to the ground with all suspended enemies and deals damage to all nearby enemies, the stun longers for 1.25s total
  • No longer Shields
  • Damage: 20074257650 (+130%AP) >>> 150/350/550 (100%AP)
  • Cooldown: 90s >>> 120/105/90s

The biggest thing for Neeko's mid-scope is her new passive. This has been teased before in January and we got a short visual teaser as well, but now it seems that some of the bugs have been figured out and Neeko is ready to take the Rift by storm with her reworked abilities.

Neeko turning into minions is just great and with some added damage to monsters she is also going to be a viable pick in the jungle, making her a more versatile pick. Whether it's enough to make her a meta jungler though is yet to be seen.

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