Neeko's LoL Mid-Scope Update Finally Revealed

Neeko is getting a Mid-Scope Update in 2023. It was revealed in Auggust 2022, but now it seems that the dev team is almost ready to reveal her updated kit to the LoL community.

Winter wonder neeko
Just when will Neeko receive her mid-scope update? | © Riot Games

Neeko's mid-scope update is next on the list for champion updates from Riot Games. Halfway through 2022 she was promised a slight rework to her abilities to improve her kit and make it more impactful in the current state of League of Legends.

Syndra had also received a mid-scope update in LoL Patch 12.19 and it has done wonders, boosting her pick rate from 2.4% in Patch 12.18 to 15.19%. Will Neeko be seeing the same type of increase once her mid-scope update arrives? Highly likely, but you'll have to wait a bit longer for the release.

LoL Devs Reveal Neeko's New Passive

While fans have had to wait a little while longer for her mid-scope update, it seems that they won't be disappointed once it goes live. In a recent /dev chat, Riot Phlox detailed the new passive they've been working on for Neeko to make her more fun to play.

Neeko is known as that champion that can turn into anyone on her team, right? Well, according to Riot Phlox, that passive is staying, but it's getting a huge buff in 2023. Neeko is going to be able to turn into anything on the rift.

Yes, she can turn into a minion, she can turn into a Teemo mushroom and she can turn into a ward. Playing against Neeko has never been more frightening.

Neeko Mid-Scope Update Release Later Than Fans Expected

The Syndra mid-scope update was revealed in the August Champion Roadmap, along with the Neeko update. With Syndra's update going live, many fans thought that Neeko would be quick to follow and have messaged the developers asking about the status of the champion update.

Riot Phlox, a developer, sent out a Tweet asking fans for some patience, stating that the mid-scope update "she's still a little while out". So, if you've been hyped to play a reworked version of Neeko for your last-minute ranked rewards, then you'll be disappointed.

Riot Phlox also explained that the team was working on keeping Neeko as close to her old champion design, while also making her more fun for fans of the champion. So, Neeko will be keeping her mimic mechanic, but what could change on her kit to make her more attractive to players?

Riot has not outlined an official release date of the Neeko mid-scope update but with this update from Riot Phlox we could expect it either at the end of the year or at the beginning of 2023. Right now we have to deal with all the pre-season changes Riot has revealed so maybe it's a good thing that Neeko's mid-scope update will be released later alongside Ahri's ASU.

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