Olaf Tops Solo Queue After Mid-Scope Update

Olaf has seen an increase in play, as well as a huge boost in win rate thanks to the mid-scope update in Patch 12.9, but will he continue to be as strong in 12.10?
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Olaf is one of the best picks in the current meta. | © Riot Games

Olaf recently received some major changes, buffing the viking and making him one of the best picks in the current League of Legends meta. He's dominating the top lane thanks to the mid-scope update, ruling over everyone and everything.

While Olaf has been known as a jungle champion, it seems that thanks to the 12.9 changes in the mid-scope update Olaf has found a new home and that is in the top lane. So let's check out just how well his mid-scope update has landed!

Olaf Win Rate Soars to 54%

In League of Legends Patch 12.9, Olaf received quite a lot of changes. He got a shield, got some more damage and overall, just feels much better to play. He's one of the best top laners in the game right now, with a win rate of almost 54%.

Who would have thought that top lane Olaf would be a thing in Season 12 of League of Legends, right? Not only did his win rate increase, according to lolalytics, he's also been picked a lot more, with a 4% pick rate. Compare that to LoL Patch 12.8 where he was picked merely 0.30%.

Not only that, but his rank in the top lane also increased. In the previous patch, Olaf was crawling around in the bottom tier, as the 91st out of 95 top lane picks. Now, he's the number one top laner you can pick in League of Legends.

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Olaf Jungle Stats Increased

Now, we've been praising top lane Olaf this entire time, but what about his stats in the jungle? He's known as a jungle champion, ready to dominate any pro meta and his quick jungle clear. How does he fare after the mid-scope update?

Well, in League of Legends Patch, Olaf sported a horrendous 45% win rate. He was considered a low C-tier jungler at best. Did this increase thanks to the mid-scope update? You bet it did! Olaf has since moved up into the A-tier for the jungle as well with a solid 50% win rate.

This goes to show that his mid-scope updated landed just as well as that of Taliyah. Both champions have found great success in League of Legends Patch 12.9.

More Mid-Scope Updates in the Future

Both Olaf and Taliyah are enjoying quite the highs after their mid-scope updates. Their play rates have increased, as well as their win rates. They're much more popular now, which has prompted Riot August, lead champion designer for League of Legends explained.

But before we can expect more updates on existing champions, we should prepare for the incoming release of Bel'Veth, as well as an in-client lore event surrounding the Void. Are you ready?