Void Jungler - Bel'Veth Kit Has Been Leaked

There is not much information out there yet on the new League of Legends champion, but we tried to make some educated guesses on who this new Void jungler could be.

Each year, we get multiple new champions added to League of Legends. In 2021, we received four new champions, while this year we’ve already received two champions – Zeri and Renata Glasc – with two confirmed to be releasing quite soon as well.

What do we know about the next upcoming champion in League of Legends, though? Where are they from, and what hints has Riot given us already? Let’s go over the next champion in League of Legends and all the small details we’ve managed to gather.

Voice Lines Revealed on PBE

She is ever closer to being released it seems. Some of Bel'Veth's voice lines have also been patched into the PBE and revealed by leakers. Along with the two trailers Riot revealed the day before it seems like she is getting closer and closer to being released onto Summoner's Rift.

The voice lines from the PBE also tell us that Kai'Sa, Kassadin, Malzahar and Vel'Koz will play a primary part in her lore, which will hopefully also tie into a bigger Void-themed event aas well.

Also, with the addition of the voice lines onto the PBE server, we could see her being released in the next patch after 12.10. She will likely hit the PBE next week with PBE 12.11 and then be released in League of Legends Patch 12.11... but that's just speculation on our part.

Bel'Veth Trailer Revealed

Not only, has Kai'sa received a new splash art, but Bel'Veth seems to have her trailer also revealed on social media. So what do we know thanks to the trailer? Well, it seems like Runeterra is doomed, but if you're curious about the trailer, check them out yourself.

One trailer is clearly geared towards Malzahar with Bel'Veth starting off with 'my prophet' and we all know that Malzahar sees himself as the prophet of the Void. The second trailer shows Vel'Koz with Bel'Veth talking to him directly.

Seriously, this just goes to show that Bel'Veth isn't too far off anymore. She can likely be released in Patch 12.11 with teasers like this coming to light. She was likely pushed back due to the upcoming durability rework, as well as to coincide with an upcoming Void event.

New Kai'Sa Splash Art

This isn't where the Bel'Veth information ends though. Kai'Sa received a new splash art on the League of Legends Universe page. In the splash art she is completely corrupted, and we can spy multiple void fish floating around in the background.

Void fish have been a Bel'Veth symbol for a while, with hints even being given to us in Malzahar's story that came out earlier this year. All this is pointing towards one thing: The next champion!

Void Event Kai Sa
Just look at the corruption on her! | © Riot Games

Bel'Veth Kit Leaked

A leaker on Reddit has revealed Bel'Veth's kit, or at least part of her kit. She will have multiple dashes and abilities, remnant to Rek'Sai. So let's quickly go over the leaked abilities according to the Reddit post.

Passive - Death in Lacender
  • When enemies die around Bel'Veth they drop something which she can collect to stack her passive.
  • The passive also forms a swarm based on the stacks
  • Grants her lifesteal against jungle camps
  • Attacking turrets or epic mosnters her swarm will protect her, healing her and damaging it. This also consumes the stacks
Q- Void Surge
  • Passive: she has an arrow with 4 diagonals
  • Active: Bel'Veth dashes dealing damage and slowing opponent
  • When she damages champions or monsters (in the direction of her arrow) with her dash she can cast it again
  • Using it against small monsters/minions will recharge 40% of her Q coodlown
  • Procs her passsive to passed enemies while in Endless Banquet
W - Above and Below
  • This is similar to Rek'Sai W mixed with Pyke W
  • Bel'Veth goes underground, gains movement speed and she can go through walls
  • SHe unburrows, dealing damage and knocking up enemies
  • While in Endless Banquet she becomes untargetable and grants a stun after knockup
E - Royal Maelstrom
  • Bel'Veth channels a vortex which pulls enemies close and damages them
  • While channeling she cannot move, but receives less damage
  • She gives back a % of all damage she received from her attackers
  • While in Endless Banquet this deals a % of true damage over time, her damage reduction is higher and at the end she can explode an Area

R - Endless Banquetq

  • Bel'Veth turns into her true form for a short while
  • Her skills are buffed when in this form
  • She gains HP, MR, Armos and Damage
  • Collecting passive stacks heals her for a %
  • She also makes a swarm which attack enemies

These leaks were also confirmed by BigBadBear on YouTube, who said that things could still change until she is released, but that this is likely the kit that Riot is working with. She will also deal more AP damage than AD damage, for anyone wondering as well. But these are leaks and anything can still change.

Video of the Void Jungler Bel'Veth Leaked

A video on YouTube by leaker Ryscu has surfaced, in which you can clearly see what the Void jungler will look like. They will resemble a manta ray and have an ultimate with which she will transform into her true being.

Did the Champion's Abilities Get Leaked?

Bel'Veth's abilities have not been leaked yet to the public, but one Twitter user did tweet out a list of names for her abilities. This is just a leak and could change in the future, but this is what we believe could be the champions' ability names:

  • Passive - Death In Lavender
  • Q - Void Surge
  • W - Above and Below
  • E - Royal Maelstrom
  • Ultimate - Endless Banquet

Has The Champion Been Delayed?

According to leakers on YouTube, the new champion could be delayed. Apparently the champion was supposed to be revealed this week between April 11 and 15, but it seems that Riot has pushed the mysterious new creature champion back.

Last year, Riot pushed Vex back by a few months due to the animation of her shadow. Whether it's a similar issue with the new champion is not yet known. It could just be that Riot wants to align their release with the rumored Void event, which will take over the League client in due time.

Riot did something similar last year with Zeri and Renata Glasc, pushing these champions back to 2022, so they wouldn't interfere with the release of Arcane. But these are just rumors and leaks, so let's wait to see when we finally get some hard evidence for Rem'Ora/Bel'Veth.

Rem'Ora/Bel'Veth: Has The Void Junglers Name Leaked?

Is the New Void Jungler Called Rem'Ora?

Leakers do believe that the new Void jungler will be called Rem'Ora. In the 2022 live stream, when watching the VOD with subtitles, the name Remora is transcribed. Now, what do we know about this from the real world? That it's a type of fish which latches onto other, bigger and stronger fish.

In the latest Malzahar story, mentions of fish and the ocean, which could be another hint that Rem'Ora really is going to be this champion's name and well... smaller fish travel in large schools, which are like swarms, right?

Is the New Void Jungler Called Bel'Veth?

BigBadBear, who is known for his accurate leaks, has recently released a video in which he states that the next champion's name is going to be Bel'Veth. He explains that the name has been right before our very eyes this entire time. In the 2022 Season Trailer, the 'city of Bel'Veth' is named, which indicates that this is going to be the next champion's name.

Many fans have said that this doesn't make sense though, since Bel'Veth would be the name of a Shuriman city, but some creatures have been called after places as well – take Nessie for instance who is named after Loch Ness where she has been 'spotted'. So could this leak be true?

League of Legends Next Champion - The Void Jungler

The name says it all already. The next champion is going to be a jungler from the Void. How long has it been since we’ve received a Void champion? Four god-damn years. Kai’Sa was the last one, and she isn’t even fully Void. She’s just a Shuriman who was sucked into the Void as a child.

This Void jungler will surely shake up the rift. Many fans believe that the Void will play a big part in the upcoming lore, and also hope that there will be a whole event surrounding the region. The Void is the only region that hasn’t gotten a revamp yet, so it’s about time Riot gives it some love.

The jungler is also going to be a creature champion. Riot recently explained that the lack of creature champions came from a survey in which they figured that players enjoyed humanoid champions more, hence, why the champions team has focused on human-like champions in recent times. But it’s about time we get a real creature back in Runeterra that isn’t Yuumi.

What Abilities Will the Void Jungler Have?

According to leaks from BigBadBear on Twitter, the Void jungler will resemble Omen, who was a champion in previous development. This could mean that the Void junglers appearance will be similar to him and have a similar kit. But take this information with a grain of salt, since it is merely a leak and not confirmed by Riot.

If we go by Omen's original kit, then the upcoming champion would have:

  • Q - A skill shot pass through
  • W - A projectile that detonates after a short delay (can also be detonated by hitting it with a Q)
  • E - A targeted spell to slow opponents
  • R - A channelling long ranged AoE ult — like a mix of MF and Gangplank ults.

How much inspiration Riot will take from Omen in regard to the champions' kit is unknown. Maybe they just took their visual design?

We have also made some guesses thanks to the hints Riot has left behind already. We know that this jungler will overwhelm us and fill a void in our heart according to Riot August on Twitter.

Not only that, but the champion ‘possessed’ Reav3 during the Season 12 live stream, which could all be hints that this champion is able to possess others. In the newest League story about Malzahar, a mention of a giant Void hole which can take over people's minds just by looking in to it is mentioned. Doesn't this sound just like what happened to Reav3?

Whether the new champions can overtake jungle creatures or enemy champions is debatable.

But wait guys, there is more, Reav3 also described the champion as one that would swarm the rift, which could indicate that they get some sort of ability that can build a swarm, sort of like Malzahar can procure Voidlings and Elise Spiderlings.

Unfortunately, none of this is set into stone yet, and we will have to wait for the April 2022 Champion Roadmap to find out more about the Void jungler — will their kit be like Omen or something completely new?

Void Jungler Gameplay

Since we don’t know much about the champion yet, we can also just guess how their gameplay will work. Riot has been focusing on champions that counter one specific aspect of the game lately, with Vex specializing in shutting down champions with dashes, Zeri stealing shields and Rell breaking shields.

We can guess that this Void Jungler will also have one specific gimmick in their kit which will counter one specific scheme in League of Legends. Will it be a champion with built-in grievous wounds, or a champion that can stop another jungler from dashing over walls?

Another gameplay inference was made by BigBadBear who stated that the champion will transform into their 'true form'. So we might have a champion that can transform based off which camps they take in which order, or which buff they currently hold. This was practically confirmed in the April 2022 Champion roadmap wherein Reav3 wrote:

[...] if you succumb to her you will also bear witness to her true elegance, her true beauty, and the true face of the Void.
Void Jungler Claw
Who could this be? | © Riot Games

When Will The Void Jungler Be Released?

The Void jungler will be the next champion released. According to the leaks from BigBadBear, the Void jungler should be released around League of Legends Patch 12.8. This would mean the champion will be available in early May. Also, around that time Riot has announced a Clash tournament, but not specified the name, which could hint at there being a Void-themed Clash event to go with the Void event we've been speculating about.

The next champion after the Void jungler will be another ADC and then the Udyr rework will be released, according to a Reddit post by Reav3.

What Is The Void Junglers Lore?

Not much has been revealed regarding the Void junglers lore. We do know that they were revealed to work for an empress. In the 2022 April Champion Roadmap, we got a few more hints at the champions lore though.

It is practically confirmed that this jungler will be able to control her enemies with a mere stare. Anyone who follows her willingly will be rewarded, while those who stand in her way will drown in the Lavender Sea.

Honestly, she sounds terrifying, but so interesting already.

Whatever Riot comes up with sounds pretty exciting, but we’re honestly hoping for a worker bee influenced champion that will swarm the map. Wouldn’t a bee skin have been perfect for a champion like this?