All Upcoming League of Legends Reworks

What is Riot currently working on in the rework and update department? Which updates has Riot already done this year? Time to check out everything we know about upcoming reworks in League of Legends.
Aurelion Sol Lo R
Give this space dragon a rework Riot. Please. | © Riot Games

League of Legends is already thirteen years old. The game is entering its moody teenager phase, and you know what happens when someone is a moody teenager? They get a new makeover and try to fit in. So, that’s exactly what some champions in League of Legends get to experience as well.

In the last years, Volibear, Fiddlesticks, Evelynn and Dr. Mundo have all received large-scale reworks to adjust their kit for the current state of League of Legends. So, which champions will be receiving reworks, and is it only champions getting reworked these days?

What Is A Champion Rework?

A champion rework is an update, focusing on the gameplay and visual aspects, and in some cases even both. This mostly involves champions that were released a long time ago. As already mentioned, some reworks are quite extensive, while others focus on a champion's visuals and can be done within a few weeks.

Today, we’re going to be taking a look at three major champion reworks that Riot has implemented throughout the years – VGU, ASU and mini-rework.

What Is A VGU?

The most extensive and long rework for a champion is the VGU, which stands for visual and gameplay update. These updates can take months and span over a long period of time. These updates revitalize the champion's visuals, while also looking at the gameplay and how to improve.

Usually, Riot Games tries to bring out two visual and gameplay updates a year, but in 2021 they only released one, which was for Dr. Mundo. In 2020, both Fiddlesticks and Volibear received complete overhauls, improving their splash arts, their in-game model, their lore, as well as the gameplay, without trying to change the champions' identity too much.

Upcoming VGUs

Udyr VGU in 2022

Last year, fans got to vote in the VGU poll for the champion they felt was in need of a visual and gameplay update. The clear winner with a total of 37.2% of the votes was none other than Udyr, who should receive his VGU sometime in 2022.

Dragon oracle udyr
Later this year, the Udyr VGU will hit the rift. | © Riot Games

Reav3, Lead Champion Producer for League of Legends, has stated that before the Udyr VGU is released, fans should expect two new champions to hit the rift, which could mean that Udyr’s VGU is going to be out in fall of 2022.

Skarner VGU in 2023

In early 2022, Riot let fans vote once more on the champion they wish to see updated in 2023. With 33.4% of the votes, Skarner raced ahead of other picks like Shyvana, Tryndamere and Nocturne.

Cosmic Stinger Skarner
Skarner deserves this VGU. | © Riot Games

Skarner has been one of the least played champions every single month and has too much of a reliance on his spires to make gameplay feel rewarding. His rework should be live later in 2023, but before then, we should receive the first ever CGU for Aurelion Sol – more on that a bit further down.

Shyvana Rework

In both 2021 and 2022 Shyvana, got second place in the visual and gameplay update poll, which has prompted Riot to state that they would be looking into her to see whether she could be getting a rework as well in the future.

Hopefully this unique jungler will be able to get some love from Riot. She hasn’t felt good to play since 2015 and is in desperate need of a fix. Building either magic damage or attack damage feels awful, since with either, she can just utilize half of her kit. She needs a complete overhaul to make her a viable champion.

What Is A CGU?

Some champions look cool and have some insanely cool lore, as well as great skins, but their gameplay just doens't fulfill the fantasy players want. Those champions will receive the newest update that the League of Legends champion team has come up with – the Comprehensive Gameplay Update (CGU for short).

Aurelion Sol CGU in 2022

Many thought that Aurelion Sol was the recipient of the long-awaited 'mystery VGU', but the champion has good skins, good visuals and great lore. The thing the champion lacks is an actual playable kit. That's why Riot is starting from scratch with this champion and reworking his gameplay from the ground up.

Aurelion Sol will be the first champion to receive a CGU and if it lands well with the community, other champions are sure to follow. Our hunches on Aurelion Sol were right after all, eh?

What Is An ASU?

An ASU stands for art and sustainability update, which means older champions can get a larger visual update. These updates are cheaper and less time intensive than a VGU and don’t affect a champion's abilities nor their lore.

With an ASU, Riot Games will fix some of the older champion's outdated animations or broken body parts, like necks, wrists and other stuff. Their outdated outfits will also be refreshed and voiceovers, as well as gameplay clarity, is tackled in such an update.

Upcoming ASUs

Ahri ASU in 2022

Ahri is going to be receiving an ASU at some point in 2022. Ahri was released back in 2011 and has already received a mini rework for her kit, but will also have her visuals be brought up to par in 2022.

Ahri is getting an ASU later this year. | © Riot Games

In late 2021, Caitlyn was the first champion to receive an ASU and Riot fixed some of her in-game bugs with her headshot, as well as her visuals. Her splash art and those of her older skins were also updated to fit the new visual style. Something similar will likely happen with Ahri at some point in 2022.

Upcoming Visual Updates

Throughout the year, Riot also does small visual updates for older champions where they highlight and improve some champion's abilities. These are small updates which should bring the champions' gameplay into 2022.

These are the champions that got mini-visual updates already in 2022:

  • Vel’Koz
  • Elise
  • Orianna
  • Leona
  • Shaco

Nami Mini-Visual-Rework

Nami is going to be receiving a small visual update in League of Legends Patch 12.10. This update is going to improve some of her visuals and make them much clearer, as well as improve her hitbox. Though, in comparison to other VFX updates, her skins will stay untouched.

Twisted Fate Mini-Visual-Rework

Twisted Fate will also be getting a slight facelift in Patch 12.10. He's one of the oldest champions in the game and is in need of a visual update for his abilities. Riot will make them more clear and adjust his skins as well to bring him into 2022.

Upcoming Mini-Reworks/Mid-Scope Updates

While Riot is improving the visuals of some of our favorite League of Legends champions, there are also a few mini reworks which should improve a champions' gameplay. Earlier in 2022, Ahri received a small change to her ultimate, shifting her power away from her charm to her Q, which has done wonders for the mid laner.

These are the champions that already got mid-scope update in 2022

AhriLoL Patch 12.3Wenesday, Feb 2, 2022
RengarLoL Patch 12.6Wednesday, March 30, 2022

LoL Patch 12.8

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

TaliyahLoL Patch 12.9Wednesday, May 11, 2022
OlafLoL Patch 12.9Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Rell Mid-Scope Update in 2022

Rell is another champion Riot is looking into giving a mid-scope update in 2022. She is a champion that doesn't have a high play rate even though she was only released in December 2020. She isn't even two-years-old yet and Riot is already thinking of giving her a mid-scope update.

There is no official release date for this mid-scope update and what Riot has planned for her, but she is in need of an update because she is a great support who deserves to have her own identity. The champions team will work on her and try to pull her away from the comparison with Leona. Will they succeed?

More Mid-Scope Updates in 2022

According to Riot August, the Olaf, Taliyah and Swain Mid-Scope updates have also landed very well. Therefore, the Riot champions team has decided tht more mid-scope updates will be coming in the future. Which champions do you think deserve some love?

What Is An Item Rework?

Not only champions can get reworked, but items as well. In 2022, Riot has made a few changes to whole sets of items, to create a better balance for players. Previously, many of the fighter items gave champions health and attack damage, meaning that top laners could do whatever they wanted without worry.

Hence, why Riot has decided to make some changes, to make playing top lane fighters less of a ‘low risk - high reward’ play style, but rather one with a bit less survivability.

The starting support item for enchanters was also changed after Janna top broke the meta with her constantly roaming. These meta-influencing changes can be called reworks, while most item changes can be referred to as buffs or nerfs and aren’t too extensive.

Lol new drakes chemtech hextech preseason
The new dragons introduced ahead of Season 12! | © Riot Games

System Reworks in League of Legends

Not only champions and items can be reworked, but also systems in League of Legends. Ahead of Season 11, Riot revamped the entire item shop, creating a new UI, as well as whole new item classes that hadn’t existed before, reworking it.

Ahead of Season 10, Riot also introduced a new map in League of Legends, now known as the Elemental Rift. This means that the drakes which spawn actually influence the terrain of the map, as well as grant unique buffs and souls to champions, something which hadn’t existed to this scale in League of Legends yet.

These types of changes usually take place ahead of a new season. Before Season 12, Riot had introduced two new drakes to the game, though after some feedback from the community, one of the two newly introduced drakes had to be taken off due to the terrain, and it’s soul. The chemtech drake could make a reappearance at some point this year, though.

Riot Games is constantly reworking and updating the game to keep it up-to-date and fresh. Which changes would you want to see, and is the Shyvana rework finally going to happen in 2023?