Skarner VGU: Everything We Know So Far

At the beginning of 2022, fans voted for Skarner to receive the next visual and gameplay update (VGU), but what do we know about the update already?

Guardian of the Sands
Skarner deserves this VGU. | © Riot Games

The community spoke and Riot is delivering. Skarner is going to be on the receiving end of a brand-new look, feel and kit come 2023. Unfortunately it'll still be some time until the creature will be added to the Rift with his new look, but slowly more information is trickling in.

Skarner is one of the least played junglers in the game, due to his dependency on his spires, but how will Riot adjust his unique selling point, but also his biggest weakness? Let's see what we know about the next champion VGU, Skarner.

Skarner VGU 2023: What Visuals Will Riot Change?

Riot has shown off multiple sketches for the Skarner rework in their champion roadmap, but have not revealed what design they're going to go with for the creature. There are a multitude of changes that the VGU team could choose for Skarner and his visuals.

One change could be to keep his old scorpion-design, but adding more fantastical elements to his body structure. One of the images shows Skarner as some scorpion-like beast with wings. Now, wouldn't that be frightful? Or a scorpion with two stingers instead of just one. That could also spice up his visuals.

Another option Riot has thought about is rebooting the Brackern completely. This would also mean that the Brackern as a species are completely different from what the lore has known. In this idea, the Brackern could represent protectors of the old Shuriman civilization. They would be crystal constructs housing elite soldiers souls.

Skarner To Be Moved To New Region

Riot has revealed that Skarner will likely be moving regions with his VGU. Until now, he's been a part of Shurima, the Brackern living in the desert. Which region Skarner and the Brackern will be moved to has not been revealed yet, but this could do him some good to revamp him as a champion, as well as his kit.

This could also change a part of his lore, as well as impact other champions lore. It seems that Riot has slowly been retconning out that Hextech comes from the Brackern, which could mean that champions like Seraphine will also have some of their lore affected by these region changes.

Will Riot Change Skarner's Lore?

As just mentioned, Riot is looking to make some changes to the home region of the Brackern, which will have an impact on the lore of the champion as a whole. How exactly it'll change is yet to be seen. Riot could just move him from the desert to the Freljord or maybe even Ixtal and keep the rest of the lore. Unfortunately, Riot has not revealed more yet regarding the scorpion's background.

Will Other Champions' Lore Be Impacted by the Skarner VGU?

With the change of regions, we could also be getting some major changes to other champions lore. Until now champions from Piltover and Zaun have had more to do with Skarner, since Hextech and the Brackern are closely linked.

Champions could also have their lore affected depending on the route Riot takes with his lore. Will he receive brand-new color stories and background lore? Hopefully we get more hints soon.

When Will Riot Release the Skarner VGU?

Riot has recently suffered great setbacks with fans getting upset due to a lack of communication from the company. Then it was revealed that throughout the pandemic, the League of Legends team lost a multitude of people, hence why champion updates like VGU's might take a while longer.

The Skarner VGU should go live in 2023, but with the Udyr VGU only releasing in Summer 2022 we can expect Skarner's visual and gameplay update to hit the rift in late 2023 at the earliest, especially if Riot decides to change his region and everything else around him.

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