What We Know About the Skarner VGU

At the beginning of 2022, fans voted for Skarner to receive the next visual and gameplay update, but what do we know about the update already?
Guardian of the sands skarner
Skarner deserves this VGU. | © Riot Games

The community spoke and Riot is delivering. Skarner is going to be on the receiving end of a brand-new look, feel and kit come 2023. It will still take some time until we get all the information, but there are a few sketches that were revealed in the 2022 April Roadmap.

Skarner is one of the least played junglers in the game, due to his dependency on his spires, but how will Riot adjust his unique selling point, but also his biggest weakness? Let's see what we know about the next champion VGU — Skarner.

What Visuals Could Change On Skarner?

Riot has multiple options when it comes to the visuals of Skarner. In a few sketches released in the April 2022 roadmap, we see how the champions team could re-envision the Brackern and Skarner in the upcoming Visual and Gameplay update for the jungler.

One change could be to keep his old scorpion-design, but adding more fantastical elements to his body structure. One of the images shows Skarner as some scorpion-like beast with wings. Now, wouldn't that be frightful? Or a scorpion with two stingers instead of just one. That could also spice up his visuals.

Another option Riot has thought about is rebooting the Brackern completely. This would also mean that the Brackern as a species are completely different from what the lore has known. In this idea, the Brackern could represent protectors of the old Shuriman civilization. They would be crystal constructs housing elite soldiers souls.

Will Riot Change Skarner's Lore?

Riot has multiple options. They can expand on Skarners existing lore, wherein he gets captured by Piltoverians and is experimented upon, or they create a whole new fantasy surrounding the Brackers, as already explained in his visual changes. This would also impact his lore.

But, nothing is set into stone yet, the developers are just playing around with multiple ideas for Skarner before getting to work on this champion visual and gameplay update.

When Will Riot Release the Skarner VGU?

As of April 2022, the champions team hasn't even fully started on the Skarner VGU. Currently, the team is still focusing on Udyr, whose base skin has been finished, but now the team has to complete the champions skins.

So, we expect Skarner's VGU to hit the rift late in 2023. Aurelion Sol will also be receiving a rework to his kit in a thanks to the new Comprehensive Gameplay Update. So, before Skarner goes live, we've got many exciting champion updates to look forward to, right?