Skarner Wins VGU Poll

The results of the 2023 VGU poll are out. Who has the community chosen to receive an update after Udyr?
Skarner VGU
Not Shyvana? | © Riot Games

The Brackern will take center stage in the next visual and gameplay update (VGU) by Riot Games. The community has spoken, and thus, we are going to receive a major overhaul of none other than League of Legends' favorite jungler – Skarner.

What is Riot going to change? How will his lore be impacted? Is Seraphine going to be absolved of her sins once this is over? Who knows, but let’s get into the details surrounding the next VGU Riot is planning!

What Were The Poll Results For The VGU?

Skarner won by a huge margin in this visual and gameplay update poll. He got a total of 33.4% of the votes, while Shyvana, who came in second, merely got 19.6%. Nocturne received the least amount of votes in the VGU poll, with a mere 14.4%.

What Updates Can Skarner-Fans Expect With The VGU?

This means that Skarner, the Crystal Vanguard, will be on the receiving end of a visual overhaul. Of course, Riot is going to keep his base similar to what it has always been – a big crystal scorpion – but his model will be much cleaner and look like it’ll fit into the 2020s.

Not only will his visuals improve, but his gameplay will also be updated to be more interactive than flash + R. At least we hope so, but with the VGUs over the last few years, the champion gameplay has been improved immensely.

His lore will also be looked at once more to see if there is some improvement to be done. Dr. Mundo got new lore, as well as a whole set of new skin and base splash arts, which Skarner will likely also receive.

Will Riot Do A Second VGU In 2023?

In 2021, the champions team only managed to release a single visual and gameplay update for Dr. Mundo. The rest of the year, they worked on the Udyr VGU which had been decided upon in the 2021 vote. In 2020, both Volibear and Fiddle ended up receiving updates.

That could happen in 2023 again. Shyvana has been second place so often, that Riot – and the few players that still main Shyvana – feel that the dragon lady is in dire need of an update as well. She is constantly so close to winning, but another champion beats her.

In the 2022 poll results article, Riot Reav3 did explain that they will prioritize Shyvana as another champion to get a visual and gameplay update. Riot has talked about improving Shyvana since 2016, so it’s about time that she gets some love for real.

So Skarner is getting the next VGU. Before then, make sure to check out his lore, so you understand just why everyone hates Seraphine in the name of Skarner. Of course, you can just focus on gameplay and the upcoming support champion Renata Glasc as well.