The Hate Is Real – Why Does Everyone Hate Seraphine?

Seraphine was one of the most controversial champions upon her release. What led to everyone disliking this one champion so much?

Lo L Seraphine Header 1
Seraphine is hated! How come? (Image Credit: Riot Games)

There are over 150 champions in League of Legends. Some of these champions are quite popular and loved by the community upon release, like Vex, while others have to face the wrath of the community. Seraphine was one of them.

Seraphine has joined the roster as the 152nd champ, and she gives you musical skills to support your team. Her debut in her idol band K/DA also provided a lot to talk about! The single "More" is absolutely amazing, and we are happy that the five singers bring the champs to life perfectly with their voices!

Since Seraphine was announced as a champion, fans' opinions on her were quite split. This isn't anything new, since many fans will go over a champion's abilities and skills, but with Seraphine, the discussions seemed to be even more personal.

We wanted to investigate this and find out where this hatred for Sera might be coming from and what Riot could do to please the community.

Let's get straight to the main point. The reason why die-hard LoL fans have a problem with Seraphine:

Her Original Lore!

Seraphine's parents gave up everything in Zaun to come to Piltover, where she was born. They built a workshop where they work with Hextech to repair sound systems. Sera herself was not a mechanic, so she listened to the world around her and realized the older she got, the more she could hear the souls of living beings and the music of the world. In order to escape the chaos of sounds and voices, her parents built a Hextech device that would silence these voices. This saved them from madness. But then she noticed the voice of a brackern in the Hextech crystal of her device. With the help of this device Seraphine manages to unite the voices of the world in her songs. From then on she tries to help people by giving them a feeling of optimism and trying to bring together the angry voices of the living beings. She herself is so cheerful and optimistic, because she thinks that every person and every voice counts.

This is the short form of the story but contains the most important points. As you'll soon realize, there's not much to her Runeterra lore. Among other things, you can hear YouTubers like Necrit and Skooch philosophizing about why it's hard to make her story believable in the world of Runeterra.

Among other things, they mention how many inconsistencies the story contains and how much information is missing. Why did she suddenly become famous? What is Seraphine's motivation - her love for music alone can't make her risk going mad just to unite the voices.

Necrit also mentioned that he finds a darker side of Sera missing. A fight or struggle that would deepen her character and make fans understand why she acts the way she does. There's no struggle, and even the imminent madness caused by the chaotic voices was solved without further ado by a Hextech crystal.

This also brings us straight to the next point: The Brackern become crystals that hold on to their memories and hopes when they die. They are collected by younger Brackern and thus lead to the survival of the breed. However, since humans use Hextech crystals as their drive, the race is on the verge of extinction. The fact that the voice seems to favor Seraphine and just helps her, even though their race detests humans, makes many people question the lore.

Fans were so passionate about this that they even got the hashtag #JusticeForSkarner trending at the time of her release.

Potential New Lore With Skarner Rework

Skarner, who is part of the Brackern, is getting a VGU in 2023. VGU's often mean that the lore is also going to be edited and changed, which could have an indirect impact on Seraphine and her lore as well. Therefore, we might see a shift away from Brackern into a more Arcane world where the stones don't come from the mystical creatures of Shuriman desert.

This is not confirmed yet though since Riot still has to reveal the VGU of 2022 which is going to be Udyr. There have been initial designs surrounding Skarner and his VGU, but nothing concrete has been released by Riot just yet.

Her Character Design

The fans also have something to say about her outfit. Her original skin just doesn't seem to... fit. Although she is from Piltover, you can't tell when looking at her outfit. If you look at her, you would rather think that she is another Star Guardian. Reddit users have made it their business to show what her outfit could look like to better represent her heritage. Many say that this change alone could help Seraphine to better integrate into the world of Runeterra.

Seraphine piltover outfit
This is what Sera's Piltover Outfit could look like! (Image via Reddit)

Her K/DA Lore is More Fleshed Out

In general, it is very clear that Riot Games must have created Seraphine's K/DA version first. Compared to her Runeterra story, the pop star K/DA Sera - in this alternative dimension - is much more believable.

Hell, she's even got her own social media accounts, which allow her to be in touch with her fans like a real star. Her dreams and achievements in the world of K/DA are understandable and there is simply much more to learn about her.

That's why for many fans it feels like Seraphine is an OC (Original Character) who has fallen into the world of Runeterra without having a place or purpose.

Her K/DA Ultimate Skin

Gamers are not very happy about the fact that Seraphine got an Ultimate skin directly with her release. It was a risk on Riot's side to release her with K/DA and Ultimate Skins and whether it was worth it or not only time will tell.

Sona 2.0

The final reason for her dislike within the community is quite simple: Her kit is Sona 2.0. She does everything Sona can do, so many fans felt that Seraphine should have just been a rework for Sona who has struggled for a while – especially in popularity, with an average play-rate of only 3%.

Sona did receive a mini rework in 2021 that has since made her much stronger than Seraphine, but many still refer to Seraphine as Sona 2.0