Nami To Get VFX Update

Nami is one of the older supports in the game, which means she might be in need of a facelift. Therefore, Riot is going to be giving her VFX a refresher.
Cosmic Destiny Nami Skin
Nami will be looking better! | © Riot Games

Every once in a while, Riot will look at older champions and how to improve their visuals to fit into the current state of League of Legends. Champions like Vel'Koz have also had their hitboxes adjusted to actually make sense. And now in the next patch, a few more champions will receive some visual effect updates.

Twisted Fate and Nami are the next champions Riot will give a little refresher to in terms of abilities and visuals. What exactly is Riot targeting and which skins will be affected by these visual updates? That's what we're going to check out right now.

What VFX Updates Will Nami Receive?

Riot Zhanos explained on the League of Legends PBE Reddit what the team is looking to update for Nami in the coming patch. The team will want to modernize and optimize her kit. This means her abilities will be cleaned up to look better and clearer.

Not only that, but her skins will also receive some. So, if you enjoy playing Nami, then she might just look a little better and cleaner in the coming weeks. You should definitely keep an eye on the PBE patch to truly see what is going to be improved.

What Vayne Skins Will Be Updated?

Many of Nami's skins already look great, so much of her skins will stay untouched, according to Riot Zhanos. But there are a few of her older ones which will have improvements added in the next League of Legends patch. So let's check out the skins which will get VFX adjustments.

  • Base: Complete overhaul
  • Koi Nami: Recolor and custom elements from new base
  • River Spirit Nami: Recolor and custom elements from new base
  • Urf the Nami-tee: Same than base
  • Deep Sea Nami: Adjustments mirroring new base
  • SKT T1 Nami: Adjustments mirroring new base
  • Program Nami: Minor changes
  • Splendid Staff Nami: No changes
  • Cosmic Destiny Nami: No changes
  • Bewitching Nami: No changes

When Will The Nami VFX Be Released?

Nami is going to be receiving her VFX update in League of Legends Patch 12.10. Twisted Fate is also going to have a VFX update in the same patch, so both champions will have some of their VFX updates and refreshed to fit into League of Legends in 2022.

Unfortunately, while we're getting these updates, the arrival of Bel'Veth, the next League of Legends champion, is still a mystery. What we do know is that Riot will update durability in the same patch, which means every champion will be able to stay alive a bit longer.