Vayne To Get A VFX Update

Vayne has been around for quite a long time, and it's about time she gets a few visual updates!

Vayne VFX Update
Vayne is going to have a few updates to her kit to kick off Season 12. | © Riot Games

Vayne will be getting a bit of an update to start off Season 12 of League of Legends. On a Reddit post, RiotSirhaian explained the details of the update for our main bot lane champion.

What exactly will Riot update, and how will Vayne play after the visual update? The last few updates to Syndra and Jinx have been well received, so we hope that Vayne will also get the glow up she deserves.

What VFX Updates Will Vayne Receive?

Vayne's VFX update will be a bit smaller than previous updates, since there aren't many flashy visuals that go with her abilities, hence, why Riot will be working on cleaning up the old noise, as well as modernizing her abilities.

Her E will be shooting out a much larger arrow and her auto attacks have also been updated to look more refined. That's not all, though. When using her ultimate, a gray glow now surrounds her to visualize whether she is empowered.

What Vayne Skins Will Be Updated?

There are quite a few skins which will be receiving visual updates along with the base skin update once the VFX update goes live. If you own any of the following skin, get hyped for some visual improvements:

  • Base Skin
  • Dragonslayer Vayne
  • SKT T1 Vayne
  • Heartseeker Vayne
  • Arclight Vayne

When Will the Vayne VFX Be Released?

Riot is planning on getting the VFX out onto the PBE server for PBE Patch 12.02, which could mean that we get the VFX by LoL Patch 12.02 or LoL Patch 12.03, depending on how long they want to work on the update.

So, if you enjoy playing in the bot lane and the new champion Zeri seems a bit too high maintenance for you, you'll be able to enjoy a visually updated Vayne quite soon!