LoL Ranked Season 13 | Major Changes Planned

Riot is making some major changes in the 2023 LoL ranked season. We will be getting more content, but also have to grind more for it, but for once these changes don't seem too tedious and will improve the game for the community. So let's go over all the incoming ranked changes.

Victorious Sejuani
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League of Legends ranked is going to get some major changes in 2023. Product Lead, Chris “Riot Auberaun” Roberts and game designer Chris “cwal” Wallace outlined some huge changes that will be coming in the 2023 ranked League of Legends season.

These changes have been implemented to try and make ranked more fun and encourage more players to actually play ranked in the coming year. Many of the old systems will also get updated.

LoL Ranked Season 2023: All Major Changes

Ranked Season In Two Splits

Riot is going to be making one huge change by splitting the ranked season into two splits. We've already had soft resets throughout the year before, but this time the ranked season will reset completely halfway through the year.

This means that players will have less time to earn their top spot in a season with one being split into two meaningful halves now. This has been done to stop players from turning to smurfing, as well as leaving ranked altogether, when they reached their wanted rank in League.

Two Splits Means More Rewards

At the end of every ranked split players will earn a unique Victorious skin. This was introduced in 2011. Now, with the proposed changes in 2023 players will be able to earn two Victorious skins in 2023. One for each half of the split.

End of Split Ranked Rewards For Everyone

Up until this point only players that have made it to gold or above were able to earn a Victorious skin. This has caused some players to reach Gold and stop playing ranked, while others on the cusp of making gold were never rewarded for all the hours they put in.

That's why Riot will be enabling everyone to earn the victorious skin in 2023.

Gold players and above will still earn the skins and chromas that will be distributed at the end of the split right after completing placements. But now, players below them will have a chance to earn the skins as well—if they put in the time. For these players to earn it, they’ll have to play a much larger number of games.

The ranked changes were once again explained in the LoL Season 13 video:

Reward Track Update

The Reward track will also be updated. Previously, it rewarded players that play fill, but that felt unfair since players who usually played in unpopular roles like the jungle didn't get as many rewards from the Ranked Rewards track. So, Riot is updating how players can earn rewards.

Players will be earning 'split points' simply by winning or losing games. Of course, you'll get more points for winning games.

Also, Riot is changing the promotion series between tiers from a best-of-five series to a best-of-three series. Hopefully these changes will improve the ranked system in League of Legends in the coming year.

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