LoL Worlds 2022: Groups Announced

LoL Worlds 2022 is nearing, so it's about time we know who is going to be facing off against who in the biggest esports tournament of the year. Let's check out everything we know about the LoL Worlds 2022 Group Draw!

Lo L Worlds 2020 Draw Show
League of Legends: Who is Gen.G going to face at this World Championship? | © Riot Games

The 2022 League of Legends World Championship is just around the corner and as most teams have qualified for the event already, so it's about time we check out who is going to be seeded where and when the LoL Worlds 2022 Groups Draw show is actually going to take part.

Let's go over all the key information, how the groups work at the League of Legends World Championship and whether your favorites will already be meeting in the group stage, or if you'll have to wait until the knockout-round to see the best match-ups.

LoL Worlds 2022: Group Draw Date

So, you're excited for the LoL World Championship and want to know who is playing who? Well then, you'll have to tune in to the World's Group Draw show. It's going to take place right after the LCS Finals. You'll have to tune in on September 11. An exact time hasn't been confirmed, since it'll depend on the finals and how long they're going to last though.

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Worlds Group Draw Explained

Play-In Stage Group Draw

Now, as in previous years Worlds is going to have a play-in stage, as well as a main phase. First of all, the groups for the Play-In Phase will be picked. These determine the two groups of six, making up 12 teams in total, that are going to duke it out to see who will earn the final four spots in the main phase.

Riot has already explained which teams are going to be in which pool. It's also important to note that teams from the same region cannot be in the same group together.

  • Pool 1: LPL4, LCK4, LEC3, and PCS2
  • Pool 2: LEC4, LCS3, VCS2, and LJL1
  • Pool 3: LCO1, TCL1, LLA1, and CBLOL1

So, this means that the third seeded LEC team and the fourth seeded LEC cannot be in the same group for the play-in phase of the event.

These are the groups that will play against each other in the Play-In stage:

Group Stage Draw

Then, right after the draw for the League of Legends Play-In Phase, we're going to get to watch the draw for the remaining 12 teams that have automatically qualified for the 2022 Group Stage. Once again, the teams have already been put into pools from which they will be chosen.

Teams from the same region cannot be put into the same group. This means the LCK number 1 seed cannot be placed into the same group as the LCK 2 seed.

  • Pool 1: LPL1, LCK1, LEC1, and LCS1
  • Pool 2: LPL2, LCK2, LEC2, and PCS1
  • Pool 3: LPL3, LCK3, LCS2, and VCS1

Once the Play-In Phase ends, the four remaining teams will automatically be seeded into their respective groups.

Here are the groups that were decided during the Group Stage draw:

I know y'all are excited for Group A the most. LCK dominance all the way, though (and yes, I know that Gen.G will most likely win and not T1, but let me live my fantasy in peace, okay?!)