LoL Player of the Month: T1 Keria

For May's POTM, we look back at the MSI 2022 tournament and Keria's outstanding performance. Even though T1 was defeated in the finals, Keria showed why he is the best support in the world.
T1 Keria Pot M
Keria is our Player of the Month | © Riot Games

MSI 2022 is over and RNG was able to prevail in a battle against T1. They were crowned the first 3-time MSI champion. However, Keria was once again able to show why he is the best support in the world and maybe even the best player in the world. T1's Keria always delivers a consistent performance and is capable of winning whole games for his team and that as a support!

Who Is T1's Keria?

Keria's professional LoL career began with the South Korean team ⁠Gyeonggi. After only 3 months, he caught the interest of Kingzone DragonX (now DRX) where he spent most of his career. In 2020, he signed a contract with T1 and since then, he has been T1's support where he rose to deserved fame.

In the Spring Split 2022, Keria showed what he was capable of and was able to win the MVP title as the very first support. Keria's rapid rise through T1 and his incredible performances have made him the best support for many and even the best player in the world for some.

Player of the Month Stats

May was an incredible month for Keria and T1. Even though they failed to secure the MSI 2022 title, they still played a very impressive tournament and showed why they are one of the best teams in the world. T1 only lost 4 games in the entire tournament and one of them came in the final against RNG. Still, in the semifinals and finals, Keria showed why he's the best support. Above all, he convinces with his engages and saves, which easily decide teamfights.

MSI 2022:

  • Wins/Losses: 14W - 4L
  • Win Rate: 77.8%
  • KDA: 4.1
  • Kill Participation: 66.7%

Most Played Champions

Champion# GamesWin RateKDA


80,0 %


Renata Glasc


100 %


Pyke/Gragas/Tahm Kench

2100 %7.3/ 3.5/ 17.0

Why the Player of the Month Award for T1 Keria?

RNG's Wei might as well have earned Player of the Month in May, but no player is as incredibly consistent and game-changing as Keria. Keria's highlights are breathtaking and motivate you to play support. And if we're being honest, nobody wants to play support voluntarily. But Keria just makes the role look so unique and churns out plays that are more impressive than a pentakill.

Keria excels in all facets of the game and brings a different presence to the support role. Keria might as well soon be considered the best support ever if he keeps this up. He's only 19 years old, and he's just getting better and better every year. Keria is also able to turn any champion into a support, from Zac to Rumble to his special pick Ekko Support. Hello, Ekko Support? For this, you would already be reported in champ select.

So, there you have it, our May Player of the Month, T1 Keria!
His plays were the biggest highlight of MSI 2022. We can't wait for the Summer Split where he will continue to amaze us with his plays and champions. Who will be June's Player of the Month?