LoL Player of the Month: T1 Gumayusi

It's the most exciting time of the month for all League of Legends fans: October is where we get to enjoy the League of Legends World Championships! This year T1 has been putting up one electric performance after the other, but who outshone all his teammates? None other than T1 Gumayusi!

Guma is our POTM! | © EarlyGame

The League of Legends World Championship is coming to an end with the semi-finals just finishing on October 30, 2022. Throughout the last month we have seen the best-of-the-best pop off, but one player has stood out from the rest.

For this month's POTM we have chosen none other than T1's ADC Lee "Gumayusi" Min-hyeong. The 20-year-old bot laner has shown insane progress throughout the tournament, teetering on the edge of 'too far forward' but making plays happen left and right. He has truly earned the title of Player of the Month of October.

League of Legends PotM: Who Is T1 Gumayusi?

Gumayusi is the younger brother of Starcraft II player INnoVation. He started off playing for a Seoul amateur team that managed to qualify for the 2018 KeSPA Cup, even upsetting the LCK squad Hanwha Life. Afterwards he joined SK Telecom T1 as a trainee.

In 2020, he made his debut for T1 in the Regional Qualifiers where they managed to beat the Afreeca Freecs, but fell to Gen.G and didn't qualify for Worlds 2020. In 2021, he became the starter for T1 with the departure of Teddy and he has since become one of the best bot laners in the LCK.

T1 Gumayusi Stats

Of course, we have to check out just how good Guma has been in the last few weeks. He is the player with the best KDA at the tournament thus far, him and his bot lane partner, Keria, being the only ones with double-digit KDA's thus far.

He has an average death rate of 1.2 throughout the tournament, which is just insane when you think about it. Gumayusi is known for playing just on the edge, going in for high-risk-high-reward plays and seeing him have such insane numbers means that most of those high risks are paying dividends in this League of Legends World Championship.

These are his stats throughout the LoL World Championship thus far:

  • Wins/Losses: 11W - 2L
  • Win Rate: 84.6%
  • KDA: 10.7
  • Kill Participation: 71.6%

T1 Gumayusi Played Champions at LoL Worlds 2022


GamesWin Rate










The Xayah pick in game 2 of the LoL Worlds quarter-finals was crucial in T1's 3-0 victory over RNG.

Why is T1 Gumayusi Our LoL Player of the Month?

Gumayusi was heavily criticized going into the League of Legends World Championship. Throughout the LCK Summer Split experts and fans alike felt he was underperforming, but with a shift in the meta for the World Championship, as well as a change of location, he has found his footing and taken complete control over the tournament.

While T1's top laner Zeus has raked in a lot of attention, it was Gumayusi who has kept the team afloat in difficult situations, both with his play, as well as with his mental strength, encouraging his team not to give up.

T1 will move onto the League of Legends World Championship finals in San Francisco where they will face off against DRX. Will Gumayusi be able to topple one of the best ADC's of all time and cement his name into history?

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