Faker Unstoppable: Another Record Broken

Faker just managed to reach the 100-game mark at the League of Legends World Championship, but the most decorated player in esports history isn't done yet. He took to the Worlds stage determined to break even more records.

T1 Faker Worlds 2022
Faker gearing up to take on Fnatic in the final day of Group A action. | © Riot Games

It was just last week that Faker set a new record and reached the 100-game mark at the League of Legends World Championship. Not only has he played a lot of games at the biggest esports tournament, but he's also shown that he's the most dominant player with a win rate of over 70% at the tournament.

Going into the second half of the 2022 League of Legends World Championship group stage he had his eyes set on the first place of Group A, which many dubbed the 'group of death'. Well, on October 13, 2022, Faker set new records again, once more cementing his name into esports history.

LoL Worlds 2022: Faker Breaks Uzi's Worlds Record

Until this point the LPL's star bot laner Uzi held the record for the most kills at the League of Legends World Championship. With 350 kills he sat atop the leaderboard of kills at the biggest esports event in the world. That was until October 13 when T1 played three games in the second half of the Worlds 2022 group stage.

Faker reached new heights overtaking Uzi with 351 kills at the World Championship and setting a new record. T1 went 3-0 in the second half of the group stage, cementing their first place exit from the group phase and moving on to play against the second seed of one of the remaining groups.

We're sure Faker is going to rake in more kills throughout this tournament, widening the gap between himself and the rest of the competition.

Faker Keeps Win Streak Going

Faker is such a dominant player that he's also never left the group stage in second place. Each and every time he's been at the World Championship. That makes seven World Championship appearances and seven times Faker and his team have made it out of the group stages in first place.

Now, EDG and T1 will have to wait and see which teams make it out of groups in the upcoming days as the rest of the groups finish their best-of-one series to move onto the quarter-final at the World Championship. Will Rogue be able to keep up their momentum and is Gen.G going to show their dominance over RNG?