League of Legends Worlds 2022: Faker Breaks Another Record

Faker is the most decorated League of Legends player in the history of the game. He's won more titles than anyone else and now he's broken another record in the world of League of Legends.

Faker Worlds 2022
Faker against EG in their first game at Worlds 2022. | © Riot Games

The first half of the League of Legends World Championship group stage has come to a close in dramatic fashion. As expected Group A is the most competitive of all the groups with T1, EDG, FNC and C9 clashing for the two spots in the knockout rounds.

On the third day of Group A action, T1 took on Cloud9 and as the game started, it was revealed that with this game Faker has broken another record. He's reached a new height when it comes to international excellence.

League of Legends Worlds 2022: Faker Breaks Game Record

Faker has managed to play in 100 League of Legends World Championship matches. When he logged in to play against C9 for their third game of the group stage, he also logged into his 100th game at a League of Legends World Championship.

This is Faker's ninth year as a professional player, having made his debut in 2013 on SKT and since then he's raked in the awards. Ten LCK titles, three World Championships two MSI titles. No other player has such a long list of awards.

Not only has Faker made it often to the World Championship, but he's also been extremely successful whenever he went. He's got a 72% win rate in all his games, having won 72 and only lost 28 up to this point.

It's not just his win rate that's impressive, but also the amount of champions he's played with 30 unique picks in the mid lane. He's managed to rake in a whopping 347 kills with 23 of them being solo kills. One word? Dominance.

Fourth Worlds Title in Sight

The team Faker fields this World Championship is completely different from previous years. His former jungle duo, Bengi has since retired from playing and is the head coach of the team, while the bot lane and top lane also field new players.

Will Faker and the younger players on T1 be able to make it to the World Championship finals? They will first have to make it through the group stage on Thursday, October 13 where they play three times. The action starts at 3 PM EST/9 PM CEST.