LoL Player of the Month: T1 Faker

We take a look at our Player of the Month, who is none other than T1's mid laner Faker.
League of legends faker
Faker is our Player of the Month! | © Riot Games

Every month, we take a look at the best players in professional League of Legends and try to choose a single player that really stood out. We’ve had World Champions like EDG Viper, as well as MSI champions like RNG GALA on our PotM list before, but who will take the crown in February 2022?

This month, there was only one choice and that is the leader of the best team in current League of Legends — T1. Of course, we had to honor Faker this month. Thanks to his leadership and knowledge of the game, he’s led a squad of young players to a 12-0 start to the LCK Spring Split. Would you have picked anyone other than Faker for the Player of Month award of February?

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Who is T1 Faker?

Does this man honestly need in introduction? He’s the greatest player of all time, having dominated the LCK and the international stage since his debut back in 2013 on SK Telekom T1 2.

Throughout his career, Faker has won 9 LCK titles, had 11 LCK finals appearances, won three World Championship and two MSI titles. He’s defined what it means to be a professional League of Legends player and has adjusted his role and play style throughout the years to fit into what his team requires him to be. Honestly, all we can say is that he legitimately is the GOAT and no one comes close to his achievements in the esport.

Player of the Month Stats

Throughout February, Faker and T1 have dominated the LCK. The team has come together under his leadership, going 12-0 to start off the Spring Split. Will T1 be able to continue their dominance and finish a perfect 18-0 split? Well, if Faker continues to put up these numbers and T1 dominates the macro like they’ve been, then that could definitely happen.

  • Game Balance: 25W - 5L
  • Win Rate: 82.8%
  • KDA: 4.7
  • CS per Minute: 8.5
  • Kill Participation: 62.1%

Most Played Champions


# of Games

Win RateKDA

Why the Player of the Month Award for T1 Faker?

As mentioned already, Faker is the leader of T1. With Zeus being a rookie in the top lane, Oner and Gumayusi in their second year on the roster, T1 has one of the youngest teams in the League, so having a player like Faker around who has more experience than anyone else in the LCK, can keep the young ones in check, while also dominating.

He’s been able to play carry champions like LeBlanc, one of his signature picks, while also getting to show off his old classics like Azir and Ahri as well. He’s been a dominant mid laner who is able to call the shots and deliver decent roams. Let’s also not overlook his MVP standing. As of writing this article, Faker has 800 MVP points in the LCK, with only Canyon having more — but he has to solo carry DWG KIA right now, so no surprise there.

So, congratulations to Faker on a dominant performance thus far. Only a few more games before the playoffs. We wish him and T1 all the best and hope they can continue to grow as a team to get even better with time.