LoL Player of the Month: TL CoreJJ

We take a look at November's player of the month – Team Liquid CoreJJ. What has this player accomplished to receive this award?
Player of the Month Core JJ
What did Core do to earn this award? | © Riot Games

This month we are going to do things a little differently for our player of the month award. Usually, we pick a high-performing player after looking at various stats from all around the globe. We’ve had players like T1 Keria, 100T Closer and even EDG Viper – who ended up winning the 2021 World Championship in Iceland.

Since there wasn’t much pro-action in November – other than the aforementioned finals – we’ve decided to go out of the box with the player of the month and look towards the community, who has done a lot to help improve League of Legends esports in November? Of course, none other than Team Liquid's support player - CoreJJ comes to mind.

Who is Team Liquid CoreJJ?

Jo “CoreJJ” Yong-In is a Korean born League of Legends player. He has played in the LCS and the LCK, even winning the World Championship in 2017 with Samsung Galaxy where they beat SKT T1 3 - 0 in Beijing, China.

Believe it or not, but Core actually began his career as an AD Carry, even playing in the NALCS for Dignitas during the 2015 season. In 2016 he returned to Korea to play for Samsung Galaxy. Halfway through the year, he switched to Support to make room for their star ADC Park “Ruler” Jae-Hyuk.

In 2018 CoreJJ returned to the LCS, joining Team Liquid and winning multiple LCS championships on the squad. Other players have expressed their gratitude to him and how he has helped push professional League of Legends in North America.

Player of the Month Stats

There are no stats this month guys. Team Liquid sadly didn’t make it out of groups at this year's 2021 World Championship. They ended up in Group D, which ended in a 4-way tie. During the tie-breakers, they didn’t make it out of the groups and didn’t have a chance to play into November.

Why the Player of the Month Award for TL CoreJJ?

As mentioned above, CoreJJ has helped improve the quality of North American League of Legends and through his work pro players are able to gain better competitive experiences. He noticed the lack of skill and lack of practice players' experience in NA solo queue and decided to do something about this.

Throughout November, CoreJJ and other professional players have held small in-house tournaments, some of which were also broadcasted and shown on Twitch. Players from pro teams and high skill levels were invited to participate in these games.

This created an insanely great learning experience for players to see their mistakes and improve on them. This type of experience is hard to come by in solo queue where trolls might run it down or where players are stuck in queue for hours on end.

So, due to his commitment to providing a better practice environment for players, we believe that CoreJJ has earned himself the title of Player of the Month of November and we hope to see some good results from NA in the coming 2022 season. Will Team Liquid be able to snag the LCS title once again with their star-studded lineup?