LoL Worlds Finals Break Viewership Records [Update]

The 2021 World Championship concluded in a nail-biter of a five-game series. EDG have won, but how many people tuned in for the match?
How many people watched? | © Riot Games

EDward Gaming have brought the Summoner’s Cup back to the LPL after DAMWON managed to regain a shred of hope for LCK fans back in 2020. This year it wasn’t enough or a repeat performance though and EDG outplayed the previous champions to earn their spot as the best team in the World.

All this was done before a record high number of viewers according to esportscharts. The most viewed game of the 2021 World Championship thus far had been the semi final clash between DAMWON KIA and T1, where Faker had to face his upcoming rival ShowMaker – the story line alone brought in viewers.

The 2021 World Championship finals between the LCK and LPL summer champions raked in even more views though.

Update November 22, 2021:

Finals Viewership Increase of 60% from 2020

The Esports Observer has just released the number of the peak viewers from both western and Chinese broadcasts. The numbers are staggering and have shown a huge increase from 2020.

The 2021 World Championship finals saw 73,860,742 Peak Concurrent Viewers (PCU). Now, imagine all the viewing parties which were held, and the numbers could be even higher!

How Many People Watched the 2021 World Championship?

The 2021 World Championship had a peak viewership number of over 4-million people, according to esportscharts. This is the peak viewership of the 2021 World Championship and makes it the most popular match of the event & all-time record for League of Legends.

The stats by esportscharts are only western viewership with Chinese platforms taken out, so the viewership number could be much, much higher. We will have to find out from Riot Games later on, just how high this World Championship ranked in viewership.

For now, we can tell that League of Legends esports is growing, with each year and raking in more viewers. This was the first time in 5 years that a finals match went a total of five games.

EDward Gaming made each of their victories a nail-biter, playing a total of fifteen matches throughout the knockout stage, going the whole 5-games each round. EDG fans must have hearts of steel going through all that.

The team also managed to break their Quarterfinal curse, having made it four times to the quarterfinals and never making it further. Congratulations to the team and Scout on becoming the Finals MVP!