LoL Player of the Month: Gen.G Doran

Doran has been one of the best players in the first month of the LCK, and well-deserving of the Player of the Month Award.

Gen G Doran
Watching Gen.G brings me back to 2019. | © Riot Games

It’s 2022 and the LCK has kicked off. T1 and Gen.G are the teams to beat this time around with DAMWON KIA rebuilding their roster ahead of the season and going through some major changes. T1 has decided to stick with their young players and leader Faker, while Gen.G has rebuilt the once great Griffin squad with three members on the same team.

So, with such a strong showing early on, who could we dub the player of the month for January? Should we pick Faker for his great leadership? Gumayusi for his outstanding bot lane plays or Chovy for being an insane solo lane player? No, this month we’ve chosen none other than Gen.G’s top laner Choi "Doran" Hyeon-joon.

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Who is Gen.G Doran?

Does this man even need an introduction? He’s one of the best top laners currently playing League of Legends, known for his start on Griffin, the one team that could even make the SKT T1 of old sweat.

Throughout his career, he’s played on DRX and KT roster before signing with Gen.G ahead of the 2022 LCK season. Here, he reunited with Chovy and Lehends, two integral parts of the successful 2019 Griffin squad. This is a team meant to win and with an experienced bot laner like Ruler and a veteran jungler with Peanut, Gen. G has built a super team.

Player of the Month Stats

Doran has won a total of four MVP votes already in the LCK. He builds himself advantages in the top lane which his team is able to play through. He’s a stable player that the others can count on, no matter the situation and if he continues to be as rock-solid as he has been, then there is no stopping Gen.G in 2022.

  • Game Balance: 10W - 2L
  • Win Rate: 83.3%
  • KDA: 3.6
  • CS per Minute: 8.2
  • Kill Participation: 60.7%

Most Played Champions

  • Gwen (3 Games, 33.3% Win Rate)
  • Gragas (3 Games, 100% Win Rate)
  • Graves (2 Game, 100% Win Rate)

Why The Player f the Month Award For Gen.G Doran?

Doran has helped Gen.G reach the top of the podium in the LCK. The team is currently on the number one spot, with 5 wins and 0 losses. The only other team that hasn’t dropped a game is T1.

Doran has been a key part in Gen.G’s wins. He’s got a kill participation of over 60% in the first games of the Spring Split, which shows that Doran is going to be a part of the fights and help at any cost. His play has been integral in the success of Gen.G in the first half of the 2022 Spring Split.