Arcane Season 2: Everything We Know so Far

Arcane Season 2 is eagerly awaited, since the League of Legends series was a smash hit for Riot Games and Netflix. But what do we already know about the upcoming Arcane season?

Most movies or series adapted from video games aren't very successful. Arcane, however, was a big hit. Fans of League of Legends, as well as those who have never played or even heard of LoL were enthralled by the television series. It took six years of blood, sweat and tears to bring the story of Vi and Jinx onto the big screen, but now we're all waiting for Season 2 of Arcane to finally release.

But that begs the question, what do we already know about the upcoming second season of Arcane? Is there an official release date and which champions might make an appearance. Most importantly though, will Dr. Mundo get his moment of glory in Season 2?

Arcane Season 2: What You Need To Know

Release Probably in 2023

Sorry to disappoint all of you big Arcane fans out there, but for now, Riot hasn't given any update on an official release date for the second season of Arcane. After the success of the first season, Fortiche, alongside the writers and the producers, will take their time to create a great second season.

The stakes are much higher for season 2, due to the success. Come on, you don't just casually sweep the Annie Awards and all Emmy Awards in the animation category without gaining some pressure, right? So don't expect season 2 in 2022. We do predict it to come in the latter half of 2023, though.

Fortiche uses an interesting mix of both 3D and 2D animation, which is what gave Arcane that unique texture. Therefore, it could take a bit longer. Riot recently released a 5-part series on their YouTube outlining just what went into the making of Arcane.

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Where Will The Next Arcane Season Take Place?

Season 1 of Arcane played out in both Piltover and Zaun, twin cities that are mirror images of one another. While Piltover is the rich city in the sun with the large academia, Zaunites live in the Under City, shrouded in chemicals, but with a thriving society of their own.

Will we be exiting these cities? Probably, yes. While the plot of Season 1 ends pretty abruptly, there are still a multitude of unanswered questions left. Therefore, along with the hints we got in a lot of the final sequences of the last episode, along with lore-knowledge, we can predict that Arcane Season 2 will likely have some more Noxian influence added into it as well.

What to Expect From The Arcane Season 2 Plot

As just mentioned, we do think that Noxus is going to play a big part in the upcoming second season of Arcane. Throughout the first season, we had some imagery that could hint at Swain and his involvement in the happenings in Runeterra.

We also cannot overlook the fact that Singed will also become a key character in the upcoming Season. We can clearly see Warwick – whom many believe to be Vander – in the final Singed scene and well... if you've read LoL lore, then you know that Singed is the mastermind behind anything and everything happening in Runeterra. According to his own champion lore, he also left Zaun to aid Noxus with their invasion of Ionia.

Whether we're going to go that deep into the lore of Singed is unclear, we could also stay with the established characters from Season 1, which means that we could find out more about the developing rivalry between Jayce and Viktor, who according to League of Legends lore, have a deep falling out.

Arcane Cast in Season 2

We can predict that the same cast of characters will be making a comeback in Season 2. Vi, Jinx, Ekko, Caitlyn, Jayce and Viktor will presume their roles, along with Heimerdinger and Singed as well. But, are we going to get more champions as characters in the second season?

For now, we can only speculate, but we could see champions like Zeri make an appearance since she seems to have been close to Ekko. Maybe she was one of the Firelights? Of course, we also cannot overlook Swain who will likely be a key player and some fans even theorize that the Black Rose and LeBlanc could potentially come up in the second season of Arcane. Oh, and let's not forget the possibility of Camille as well, right? The possibilities are endless!


Voice Actor/Actrss

JinxElla Purnell


Hailee Steinfeld
CaitlynKatie Leung
ViktorHarry Lloyd
JayceKevin Alejandro
HeimerdingerMick Wingert
EkkoReed Shannon
SingedBrett Tucker

We're going to have to wait for some more Season 2 Arcane breadcrumbs to know more about the upcoming characters and cast. Who would you like to see take the stage? Seraphine? Twitch? Maybe even Urgot? With a world as vast as Runeterra, anything is possible.