Riot Working on Gameplay Overhaul for Zeri and Yuumi

Not too long ago, we were thinking of Zeri getting a rework not even a year after her release, but it seems like Riot is actually considering making some bigger changes on this champion.

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Are Yuumi and Zeri going to be reworked? | © Riot Games

Riot recently released a Quick Gameplay Update, in which they outlined what the balance team had in mind for two champions in particular. Zeri and Yuumi both received pretty hefty nerfs over the last few patches – Yuumi's nerf being so tough that she was buffed not even a day later.

What exactly are the criteria Riot uses to decide whether they'll nerf a champion and what aspects of a kit are they looking to fine tune to make them more fun to plat with, as well as against. So let's check out what Riot Phroxzon had to say about the upcoming changes on the Rift.

What Factors Make Zeri and Yuumi Hard to Balance?

Riot Phrozxon explained that there are multiple reasons why both of these champions feel tedious to play against and why players could perceive them in a certain light, whether that's by watching them in the pro scene or through experience in their own games.

  • Perceptions of fairness and counterplay
  • Champion is exciting to play and has “high moments”
  • Performance in Elite/Pro play
  • Performance in Average play

Zeri might be a champion that has too many high moments according to Riot Phroxzon with her ability to surprise opponents by jumping over walls, as well as her insane mobility. While the player using Zeri will feel excited, having too many of these types of moments make her feel impossible to play against which will affect player perception.

Yuumi on the other hand also has been quite strong due to her synergies with the current bot lane meta champions. Her sustain in the late game and team fight quality are something that have catapulted her into the top tier, which is something Riot will try to tone down.

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What Changes Will Riot Implement for Both Zeri and Yuumi?

Potential Zeri Changes

Zeri has been tearing up the pro scene and has been one of the most impactful champions in the game due to her late game agency. But she isn't just insanely strong in the top percentile of League. In lower elos, her W – Ultrashock Laser, has also been one of the most annoying poke abilities in the game.

With two completely different parts of her kit making problems in two different elos, it's hard to balance her. Therefore, Riot Phroxzon has outlined that they're looking to reduce her ability to 'go infinite' in teamfights, while still keeping her mobility and ability to make plays present in her kit. This change will take some time, and therefore they've decided to cut her power until they know how to buff her to a healthy state.

Potential Yuumi Updates

Yuumi, who has been a solid pick thanks to her healing and sustain will also be getting some changes and updates, one of those being more focus on her Q and taking more aggressive action with her ability. But long term the team is looking to make her laning phase a key part of her success in the future.

Longer term, we think Yuumi’s laning phase performance should be more important to her success. Reducing her strength on fighters in favor of marksmen and reducing her coordination burden will put Yuumi in a better state long term while retaining the aspects of Yuumi that her players care about.

So, you're going to have quite a bit of change to look forward to for both Yuumi and Zeri. Will they continue to be OP in the eye of most players even after the balance team manage to bring both these champions to a manageable level?

When To Expect Yuumi and Zeri Changes

These changes could be ones implemented around the end of the season. Ahead of Worlds 2022, Riot won't be making any more huge changes to any champions, so don't expect Zeri or Yuumi to be changed in LoL Patch 12.18. You'll have to be a bit more patient until then.