Arcane Season 3 Already In Progress? Riot Founder Makes Surprising Statement

Arcane Season 2 hasn't even come out yet and we're already thinking ahead at what could possibly happen in a third season of the League of Legends show. Well, it seems like we have a few hints already thanks to the behind the scenes series Bridging the Rift.

Arcane Undercity Nights
Arcane: Chances for a third season seem quite high. | © Riot Games

Arcane has hit it big, but we already knew that. It's one of the most popular shows of 2021 with a Rotten Tomatoes audience score of 96% and a boat load of awards under its belt. The League of Legends series can be summarized with two words for Riot: Huge Success.

So, with an ending keeping fans at the edge of their seat, it was obvious that a Season 2 was going to be in the works and Riot has already confirmed that they're working on the second season. In the last episode of the behind the scenes series 'Bridging the Rift' it was already revealed that writers were already working on the second season as well. But, was there another hint we all missed in the series?

Arcane: Riot Co-Founder Brandon Beck Reveals Plans

Now, we have to say that nothing huge has been revealed in Bridging the Rift by the co-founder of Riot Games, but one thing we do know is that with the huge success, Riot is looking to do more in the World of Runeterra. Sure, we know we're getting a Riot MMORPG, and with Riot buying a major stake in Fortiche, more shows and videos are in the making, but what about a third season of Arcane?

Well, in an interview in the final episode one comment got us pretty excited for more exploration of Runeterra:

The fact that we can spend five hours in just Piltover and Zaun, and then do it again in a second season, before we start to zoom out of this one little corner of the world and this handufl of characters... just the possibility space is so wild.

This statement confirms two things. One, season 2 is going to continue to play in Piltover and Zaun, but that's something we've guessed for a while already, with so much unfinished business and conflict still left to take care of, but we also know that Riot has much bigger plans for the future.

Whether we're getting Arcane Season 3, or a brand-new show that's going to play in another region hasn't been revealed yet, but we do know that Riot is actively working on new ideas in Runeterra.

Alex Yee, co-writer of Arcane even stated that he could see himself telling stories in this universe for the foreseeable future. So, while there is little to nothing known about an upcoming Arcane season, we can tell that the company is thinking ahead at what stories they can tell in the future... winning multiple Emmy Awards probably also helped the showrunner's motivation though.