Valorant x Arcane: New Bundle, Free Twitch Drops & More

What does the RiotX Arcane event mean for Valorant? Let's find out!

RiotX Arcane Valorant
But what does it mean for Valorant? | © Riot Games

The release of the long-awaited animated series from Riot called "Arcane" is coming up next week. You'll be able to watch it on Netflix on November 7, but (for the first time in Netflix history) you can watch its first episode on and earn additional in-game rewards for doing so! As you can guess, RiotX Arcane is a big thing for League of Legends enthusiasts, but Riot has made sure that fans of all their games will benefit from it; you can get a free Valorant gun buddy for watching the first episode of Arcane on Twitch.

Valorant Fishbone Gun Buddy
Fishbone Gun Buddy - RiotX Arcane Free Twitch Drop | © Riot Games

If you want to claim it or are interested in what Riot has in store for other games, be sure to check out our article on it here. Meanwhile, let's focus on what else the RiotX Arcane event entails for Valorant enthusiasts because it doesn't end with one free gun buddy.

Valorant Arcane Pass

Riot X Arcane Rewards Heim
We've got a free Heimerdinger spray! | © Valorant

To celebrate the release of Arcane, we got a free Battle Pass called the "RiotX Arcane Pass". It's virtually 10 free goodies that you can get until November 22 for earning XP. And it's super easy to complete, you can do the entire Arcane Pass in a few hours if you really try. Here's what the Arcane Pass rewards look like for every tier:

TierRewardRequired amount of XP
Tier 1"Arcane" Title4000
Tier 2"Welcome To Undercity" Card4500
Tier 310 Radianite Points5000
Tier 4"Calculated" Spray5500
Tier 5"Liar" Title6000
Tier 6"Arcane Embrace" Card6500
Tier 710 Radianite Points7000
Tier 8"BOOM!" Spray7500
Tier 9"Cupcake" Title8000
Tier 10"Arcane Cupcake" Gun Buddy8500

So, 3 titles, 2 player cards, 2 sprays, 20 Radianite Points, and a gun buddy! When you combine that with the fact that we have more than 2 weeks to do this and can do it in virtually one day, it sounds super good.

Arcane Collector's Set

Jinx Valorant
Any Jinx players out there? | © Riot Games

In addition to the free Battle Pass, we also got a pretty exciting bundle in an entirely different style than all the previous ones. It's called "Arcane Collector's Set," and it's a bundle with cosmetic items related to Jinx from League of Legends. You can find it in the Valorant Store, right next to the new skin line.

Arcane Collector's Set contains five items:

  • Upgradeable Sheriff skin
  • "Monkey Business" Gun Buddy
  • "Jinx" Title
  • "TAG! YOU'RE DEAD" Spray
  • "Arcane Mysteries" Card

You can't buy any of these cosmetics separately! That said, is it worth those $25? Well, you only get one weapon skin, but keep in mind that those cosmetics are exclusive and probably won't come back to the game ever again. So, if this bundle matches your taste — go for it!

Valorant x Arcane: Summary

Valorant Jinx Skins
Don't you feel like Jinx really fits the Valorant universe? | © Riot Games

Okay, let's summarize what this RiotX Arcane event means to Valorant. We could actually sum it up in 4 points:

  • Free gun buddy for watching the first episode of Arcane animation on Twitch
  • Arcane Battle Pass with 10 free goodies
  • Jinx-themed bundle

In short — lots of free stuff and a fantastic bundle for League of Legends enthusiasts.