Arcane Twitch Drops: How to Get A Free Arcane Capsule

Arcane Act III is going to be dropping this weekend, but you're still in store for some more Riot x Arcane action with the Undercity Nights events – oh and some free stuff is also there for you.

Arcane Undercity Nights
Arcane is coming to an end. | © Riot Games

You’re excited to sit down this weekend and watch some Arcane? You’re curious whether your dream ship of Viktor x Jayce is going to be canon? Oh, and you’ll get to finally find out whether Vander really is Warwick.

But did you know that you’ll also be able to get some more free in-game stuff just by watching the action leading up to the final act? Yes, yes you will be able to get your chance at receiving in-game drops if you missed the Arcane premiere broadcast – we understand it was at 3 AM here in Europe.

Arcane Undercity Nights Drops

So like we just mentioned above, you’ll be able to get some cool free stuff for the release of the third Arcane act. We’ll go over just how you can receive these Twitch drops, where to tune in and what the Arcane Undercity Nights even are.

Arcane Undercity Nights

This is the final act of the Riot x Arcane event. In this event, fans get to experience the underground city of Zaun with events like the Riot Gauntlet which is set to take place on November 19 and 20, 2021.

The event you’re looking forward to most though is probably the release of the final act or Arcane right? Well, before you tune in and watch it there are some more free Arcane capsules and other goodies you can earn thanks to the Undercity Nights event!

Earn Arcane Capsule with Twitch Account

So, first of all, we have to tell those of you who did stay up until 3 AM and got the capsule that you won’t be eligible for this reward a second time, which is why this will only pertain to those of you who missed the rewards the first time around!

How do you get the rewards? Easy, you merely have to have your League of Legends account and your Twitch account connected. We’ll let you know how that works right below so don’t fret.

Where To Watch To Get Arcane Drops?

You’ll have to watch the official stream of the Undercity Nights event on or through the official Riot Twitch page on November 19, 2021 between 16:00 and 21:00 PM Pacific Time (1:00 to 9:00 CET). The same goes for the next day November 20, 2021 from 12:00 to 17:30 PM Pacific Time (21:00 to 2:30 CET).

By tuning into the Undercity Nights event for at least 15 minutes on either of those days you’ll have a chance to get the Arcane capsule you might have missed the first time around.

How to Unlock Arcane Drops with Twitch?

Follow these simple steps to connect your Riot and Twitch Account to get your hands on those rewards:

  1. Log in to your Riot Games account.
  2. Sign in to your Twitch account.
  3. On Twitch, click your profile in the top-right.
  4. Select Settings.
  5. Go to Connections.
  6. Find Riot Games and click Connect.
  7. Authorize the connection.

You can also read up on everything right here on the official Riot Games Support Page.

Once you've set up your Twitch and Riot Account the following steps to earn free Arcane goodies is simple:

What Rewards Can You get?

Like for the Arcane drops of the premiere a few weeks ago you’ll be able to get these drops by connecting your Twitch and Riot Account:

League of LegendsArcane Capsule
Wild RiftA Single Tear Emote
Teamfight TacticsGizmos & Gadgets Little Legends Egg
Legends of RuneterraFascinating Emote
ValorantFishbones Gun Buddy

When Will Arcane Act III Release?

So, you now know that thanks to the Undercity Nights event you’ll be able to get some free rewards, but we haven’t talked about the most important thing yet. When is Arcane Act III releasing?

You’ll be able to watch Arcane Act III on November 20, 2021. The episodes will drop at midnight Pacific Time, which means that if you’re in central Europe you’ll be able to get your cereal ready to watch the final act of Arcane at 9:00 AM.

What twists and turns await us in the final part of this exciting series?