Markiplier Is Finally Gonna Make That OnlyFans

Markiplier responded to his fans' wishes for an OnlyFans. It's gonna happen, guys! All it takes is the last step, and it's done. But sadly we will have to wait a little longer.

Markiplier OF
I might just pay for that | © Markiplier via YouTube

Markiplier is one of YouTube's biggest content creators, boasting a solid 33.8 million subscribers. Now he intends to make use of this to launch some of his projects, by selling his body. Yes, Markiplier said that he will make an OnlyFans... if certain conditions are met, that is. Since those are now pretty much fully met, we will see our greatest wish come true: Markiplier's tasteful nudes.

He wouldn't be the first to leverage his platform for OF:

Yes, you heard that right, Markiplier will make an OnlyFans account! Not to make money, though, as he will use the revenue for charity. Sounds like Markiplier, alright. He is like a real-life Disney Princess, which is an OF I would definitely buy... to support charity of course!

The only person that does more charity work than him would be MrBeast, but Markiplier's OnlyFans might change that:

The idea started after seeing the success of his nude calendar in 2018, which is something I didn't know I needed in my life. As we already mentioned, there are certain conditions to Markiplier making an OnlyFans, though.

The Conditions For Markiplier To Start An OnlyFans

Markiplier intends to leverage people's thirst for his nudes, but first he set several conditions for it. Those included making his podcast Distractible the number 1 podcast on both the Spotify and Apple charts. He also demanded the same for his sports podcast, Go! My Favorite Sports Team. I really want that OnlyFans, so I linked both of these.

After his fans actually smashed two of those conditions, beating out the likes of the Joe Rogan Podcast on Spotify, Markiplier uploaded another video on the matter. Yes, Markiplier beat Joe Rogan with his d*ck!

Even though one of the conditions hasn't been met, with Distractible only ranking 6th on Apple podcasts, Markiplier decided to put forth one final condition!

Guess Apple has tough competition:

The last condition is to watch his brand-new documentary "Markiplier from North Korea", based on the story his own mother wrote. The description reads: “Momiplier and Markiplier adventure all the way to North Korea to discover the truth of their origins and a decision that impacted the family for generations to come”.

Sounds pretty cool, but I guess most people will watch it with other things on their mind. Those being Markiplier's juicy butt cheeks!

He seems to be fine with that btw, stating:

Yes, I am perfectly willing to sell my body to support my mom's efforts and work

Win-win-win, I guess! The documentary gets views, charity gets a metric f*ck ton of money, and people get their most desired wish come true. We're all for Markiplier's OnlyFans.

Now, he uploaded a video to his YouTube channel, confirming that he will create an OnlyFans. BUT! Not before his mom's documentary releases. Markiplier is concerned, that once we got our hands on his OnlyFans, we would be so busy, that we would forget to show up at the right time for the documentary. He's not wrong about that.

Once the deal is complete, though, at the end of this month, we will get the OnlyFans, full of the most tasteful of nudes. Regarding the content of his OF, don't expect anything more than what he did for his nude calendar, sadly he won't go full on Sexiplier. It will still be worth it, though, just think about ... charity.

Guess the new meta is YouTubers/Streamers doing porn, and porn stars streaming: