Hasan Faces Accusations Of Sleeping With Underage Girl

Popular Twitch streamer and political commentator Hasan Piker faces accusations of having slept with a minor by fellow streamer Lavlune.

Hasanabi, Lavlune Accusations
Accusations just keep coming | © Hasanabi via Twitch, Lavlune via Instagram

These past few months have been wild on Twitch, with sexual assault and abuse allegations being brought up more and more.

Now, on November 14, popular streamer and political commentator Hasanabi was accused of sleeping with an underage girl when he was 24 years old.

These allegations were made by fellow streamer and friend of the supposed victim, Lavlune.

Hasan is well-known for his political streams and him commenting on political and social issues.

The now 31-year-old Turkish-American streamer addressed the allegations the very same night, calling them fabricated. "It is literally a crime" Hasanabi warns.

Streamer Lavlune Claims Hasan Slept With Her Underage Friend

The claims surfaced, when streamer ChudLogic shows what appears to be Discord messages during his broadcast.

In one of these messages, Lavlune calls Hasan a hypocrite for his outrage against pretty much everything, as she claims that he slept with a friend of hers that was 17 at the time.

lavlune claims
These claims are no joke! | © Lavlune via ChudLogic's Twitch

As Hasan is a popular streamer with more than 2 million followers on Twitch, this got quite a bit of attention, especially when you think about all the different allegations that came up beforehand and proved to be true.

Hasan Replies And Defends Himself

These allegations against Hasan on the other hand might not be true, as he claims the friend in question was in fact of legal age:

Bullshi*! Jesus, ‘like 17’. There’s a difference dude, she was 19. Holy f*ck. That’s insane, why did you just lie… If she had said, here’s the problem, if she had said, “Oh when my friend was 19, ‘okay? Which is the truth. Then everyone would be like, ‘Dude shut the f*ck up, don’t start this problematic age gap discourse, okay?'

If Hasan tells the truth here, which seems highly likely right now, this changes everything, as it would no longer be illegal.

In this case, Lavlune could be sued for slander.

Hasan's statement gets further credibility, as now Lavlune is backtracking hard on her allegations:

Lavlune Backtracking
Hope she didn't stumble, backtracking so hard| © Lavlune via Discord

This message was also picked up on by another political commentator and streamer named Destiny. During his stream, he denounced Lavlune's allegations, stating that even though he has no love for Hasan, he doesn't want to platform anyone who will spread misinformation of such note against him.

Funny, how Lavlune now claims that she never accused him of doing something illegal, when the previous text message literally states, "Hasan slept with my underage friend" which, well, would be a crime.

Maybe people should stop writing Discord messages like this, as this sh*t somehow always gets leaked.

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