Drake Bets $120k On NBA2k Match Between Kai Cenat and 21 Savage

Kai Cenat is well known for featuring crazy famous people on his streams. This time he reached new highs, by not only having 21 Savage on stream, but also getting a call from superstar rapper Drake.
Kai Cenat, Drake, 21 Savage
3 legends in one picture | © Kai Cenat via Twitch

Kai Cenat is well known for his crazy guest appearances on stream. This time he really outdid himself, having not only 21 Savage on stream right next to him, but also getting Canadian rapper Drake to show up on stream via video call.

The last time he had rapper Lil Baby on his stream:

Drake and 21 Savage just worked together on the new album Her Loss, which released recently. During the stream, Drake FaceTimed 21 Savage, who reached the phone over to Kai Cenat.

After chatting a bit, Cenat invited Drake to join him during a broadcast as well, and it seems like Drake might actually be up for it, if he finds the time. Drake seems to be quite the busybody.

Drake didn't leave without dropping a bomb, though, offering a $121,000 bet on a match of NBA2K.

“If you win, I’ll give you $121k. [...] But, if 21 wins, then me and you have to do something for the kids … We have to go and give back.”

What a nice guy! It's pretty much a win-win. If Kai wins, he gets a sh*t ton of money, not that he needs it, and if 21 wins, then he gets to collab with Drake to do something for the kids and earn good-guy-points.

Kai was happy to agree to the bet, who wouldn't if they could win more than 100 grand with a match of NBA2k! But I guess he was nervous, as he got completely annihilated by 21 Savage.

Losing could be worse, though. Imagine he was wearing this headset:

Obviously, he was losing on purpose, because he is such a nice guy.

So, Drake and Kai will do something for the kids! Can't wait to see what kind of project they've got in store for us.

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