Trans-Influencer Nikita Dragun Takes Break From Social Media After She Got Arrested And Allegedly Placed In Men's Unit

Popular influencer Nikita Dragun has released a statement following her arrest on charges of felony and battery at a hotel in Miami.

Nickita Dragun Arrest
I guess this is a solid before/after for a night of too much drinking | © Nickita Dragun

After her arrest earlier this month, YouTube star and influencer Nikita Dragun released a statement, saying that she will be taking a break from social media.

Nikita Dragun is a popular social media personality, best known for her beauty-related YouTube content. The 26-year-old social media star has been arrested in a Miami hotel, after allegedly walking around the pool naked and causing a disturbance.

The influencer drama just never stops:

Why Nikita Dragun Was Arrested

Law enforcement stated, that Nikita had been refusing to quiet down and even further escalated the situation by flinging water at the hotel staff, before going to her room, where she blasted music for everyone to hear.

Once police arrived, they went to her room, just to get the shower treatment as well. Guess she didn't know it's not smart to piss off the police, as this prompted an arrest. I'm pretty sure if she hadn't been such a douche, they would have let her go with a warning.

Imagine if people getting swatted would react to the police like that...

Nikita was held at Miami-Dade County's Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center with a bond of $5000. I guess this is an amount the popular Influencer could easily pay, but the real problem was, that Nikita had been placed in a prison unit for men, due to her being a trans-woman.

This sparked a whole nother debate, not connected to her misdemeanor beforehand, about the rights of trans-people.

I don't get why they would put Nikita in a men's unit, besides maybe as a petty act of revenge. It's still discrimination of a trans-person, though, and that's just not okay.

Miami Corrections Officials Deny Claims, That Nikita Dragun Was Held In Men's Jail

After the arrest of Nikita Dragun on November 5 and the claims of her being held in a prison unit for men surfaced, Miami corrections officials, released a statement.

Spokesperson Juan Diasgranados claims that:

Inmate Dragun never made it beyond the booking process prior to release; therefore, she was never placed in a men’s unit. [...] All inmates undergoing our intake process remain in an open seating area, in the presence of correctional staff

He also explains that Dragun was placed in a separate holding cell and had been escorted by an LGBTQ officer during her stay, due to her "high profile status". Seems like the Correctional Center employees didn't want to take any chances with this kind of hot topic... If that's true, that is.

Wouldn't be the first time unfair treatment spawns an outrage:

So far, we don't have any concrete evidence as to what happened in the facility, besides both parties involved claiming different things.

Even though I don't think, that the Miami-Dade County's Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center was as considerate as they claim, it might be true, that they held Dragun in the open seating area first, before escorting her into a separate holding cell.

Nikita Dragun Speaks Out After Her Arrest

Two weeks later on November 20, Dragun released her side of the story on Instagram, stating that she will need some time to take care of her mental health and heal.

Nikita Dragun
Best we got was an Instagram Story | © Nikita Dragun via Instagram

She didn't address having been placed in a men's unit during her arrest any further, and instead focuses on her well-being.

This means that so far it is not clear how exactly the events unfolded, but we're glad to hear that the popular influencer is taking care of her mental well-being and hope she is doing better now.