French Streamer Maghla Calls Out The Internet For Disgusting Treatment of Women

French Twitch streamer Maghla recently made a Twitter thread, detailing what she has to deal with on a regular basis, getting objectified, sexualized and worse... now she called out the disgusting behavior of some people on the internet.

Maghla Stream
The face of absolute disgust | © Maghla Twitch

Women on Twitch have to deal with a lot more than their male counterparts. Not being taken seriously, getting sexualized on the daily, etc. but some people really take it to the next level.

Now the French Streamer Maghla posted a thread on Twitter, calling out the internet for how women are treated, with evidence. Not that we needed any more evidence

some people actually called out Amouranth after her abuse became public:

In her Twitter thread, she addresses the struggles of being a female streamer, like how difficult it is to dress "right", and that you get comments either way.

I mean seriously, even if the female streamer in question doesn't provide any sort of action or attributes to sexualize, people on the internet will just create that kind of content themselves. Look at the picture, she isn't showing ANY cleavage and still gets sexualized...

Female Streamer Getting Deepfaked On Pornographic Content

With the rapid development in technology, things like deepfaking the face of a content creator into pornographic content will become more and more realistic.

If you don't know what that means, a deepfake is a type of artificial intelligence used to create convincing images, video and audio hoaxes. In the case of Maghla, they used deepfake, to fake nudes and pornographic videos of her.

This sounds absolutely terrifying. Imagine just browsing the internet for your regular dose of porn, and discovering your own face in one of the videos, knowing people are gonna jerk their dirk to this... When people are making up scenarios in their heads, which they absolutely do, at least you don't have to see that sh*t!

Just buy one of these OnlyFans or something:

But I guess people wouldn't even need that deep faked porn, as there are also "cum tributes". If you don't know what that is, may god bless your innocent soul! It's people filming themselves jerking off to, and cumming onto pictures of famous people as a sort of, as the name implies, "tribute". There, now your souls are as ruined as mine.

These pictures, most of the time, are just your average Instagram posts:

Don't believe me? Google it! If you are brave enough, that is. You can also see it in her tweet. It's just wild.

Maghla isn't the only female streamer that has to deal with this kind of harassment. QTCinderella addressed pretty much the same thing last year, at one point even paying $2,500 per month to wipe NSFW pics of her off of forums.

Sad reality... No wonder some women decide to lean into that, to at least make a profit out of it.