Bleeding Ears And Swollen Face, xQc Is In Bad Condition

xQc had to take a sudden break from streaming, due to a severe illness. He seems to be in pretty bad shape, with bleeding ears, and a swollen face. So far, treatment hasn't shown any effects and his state even worsened.

xQc ear infection
Oh boy, that escalated quickly! | © xQc Twitter

On October 13 xQc missed a stream, which, if you know how much he is live, is an absolute rarity. In typical, all caps, fashion he let his viewers know, that he was sick, later adding that it was in fact Covid-19.

Guess he can miss a stream or two, with his Net Worth:

In a Twitter video, he described his symptoms, explaining that his breathing was fine, but that he had a headache and bad muscle aches. This sounds awful, but is pretty common during a Covid-Infection, and can't compare to what will follow. One misfortune rarely comes alone and right after recovering, suffered a double ear infection!

xQc Double Ear Infection

On October 22, xQc tweeted out, that right after his Covid-Infection, he suffered a severe double ear infection. Talk about bad luck. In this Tweet he states that both sides of his face are swollen and that everything, ranging from talking and eating to even lying down hurts.

This sounds truly awful, and the dude should seriously consider going to the hospital! Okay, he did that, but sadly it didn't help! Because just a day later, he tweeted out again that he went to urgent care because of the pain, but the antibiotic drops they prescribed, didn't help. In fact, his state has even worsened! He should really consider going to the ER.

Guess as soon as he can, xQc will take after this badass and start streaming from the ER:

In his current condition, he can't chew or talk right, can barely hear anything, and is bleeding from his ears. This sounds like an absolute nightmare.

He posted this update on October 23 and there are no news on his condition. We hope he went to the hospital, because of the state he is in. He needs to be monitored. If there is any news on his condition, you can read it here.

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